Fullscript's content philosophy

To ensure we provide practitioners and their patients with the most authoritative and scientifically-accurate educational resources in order to further the practice of integrative medicine.

Our commitment to quality

Our educational content covers a broad range of topics related to integrative medicine including, diet, lifestyle, supplement ingredients, and health conditions. We ensure our content is always unique, unbiased, supported by trustworthy evidence, updated to account for new research findings, and supportive of the relationship between practitioners and their patients.

Each piece is based on a review of research available at the time of publication and is fact-checked and medically reviewed by a topic expert.

Knowledge center

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The Fullscript Knowledge center is a resource for practitioners and their patients. It provides educational content around a variety of topics.

Discover webinars, blog articles, and practice resources, along with evidence-based protocols and ingredient reviews.

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Medical reviewers

In order to produce the highest-quality content, we partner with qualified licensed practitioners and industry experts to review our content. Medical reviewers are responsible for providing an unbiased review of content based on their clinical knowledge and areas of expertise.

Dr. Alex Keller
Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Keller is a practicing Naturopathic Doctor in Ottawa, Canada, and the Medical Director at Fullscript. He has blended an evidence-based functional approach to care with his experience as an organic farmer and a passion for anthropology to become an expert in traditional medicine.

Dr. Andrew Krause
Naturopathic Doctor

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Sports Nutritionist, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Dr. Krause is well-versed in the areas of sports nutrition and overall performance. He currently serves as the Product Manager for practitioner experience for Fullscript and is a part-time instructor at McMaster University.

Dr. Christopher Knee
Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Christopher Knee is a naturopathic doctor, clinical researcher, and natural health and wellness expert from Ottawa, Canada. He is passionate about evidence-informed practice and patient education and is currently the Research and Education Manager for Fullscript’s Integrative Medical Advisory Team.

Dr. Holly Lucille
Naturopathic Doctor & Registered Nurse

Dr. Lucille is a nationally recognized licensed naturopathic doctor, currently practicing in Los Angeles. A dedicated educator and expert in the field of integrative medicine, she is a consultant, author, and media figure. Dr. Lucille serves as a Senior Medical Advisor at Fullscript.

Dr. Jeffrey Gladd
Medical Doctor

Dr. Jeff Gladd, MD is a practicing Integrative Medical Doctor in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the Chief Medical Officer at Fullscript. He graduated from the University of Arizona Fellowship in Integrative Medicine in 2009 and built the online medication-induced nutrient depletion calculator Mytavin.com in 2011.

Dr. Jennifer Keller
Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Jenn Keller is a naturopathic doctor in Ottawa, Canada with a clinical focus on menstrual, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health. She is passionate about connecting women into their natural rhythms and cycles for greater empowerment, drawing on her connection to nature, herbal medicine, and the science of feminine cycles.

Dr. Jolene Brighten
Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Jolene Brighten, ND is a prominent leader in women’s medicine and the emerging science of post-birth control syndrome — studying the effects of hormonal birth control on female health. She is an international speaker, clinical educator, medical advisor within the tech community, and considered a leading authority on women’s health.

Dr. Kealy Mann
Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Mann is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and has a passion for evidence-based medicine. She owns an integrative healthcare clinic and incorporates her knowledge and love of natural health into raising her three daughters, with her husband.

Dr. Natacha Montpellier, ND, B.Sc.

Dr. Natacha is a registered naturopathic doctor with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. She is passionate and committed to helping individuals see how they can transform their lives by living healthier. Her clinical practice focuses on women’s hormonal and reproductive health.


Dr. Peter Woznik
Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Peter Woznik is a Board-Certified Naturopathic Doctor, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a Certified Sports Nutritionist. He is also a Medical Writer on Fullscript’s Integrative Medical Advisory Team.

Dr. Ronald Hoffman
Medical Doctor

Dr. Ronald Hoffman is recognized as one of America’s foremost complementary medicine practitioners. He was the founder and Medical Director of the Hoffman Center in New York City and now maintains a private practice there.

With thousands of practitioners and their patients consuming our content on a regular basis, it’s critical that we follow a rigorous and trustworthy process in developing it. We take our content philosophy very seriously so that you can use our content with confidence.

Dr. Alex Keller, ND, Fullscript Medical Director

Content authors

Our content authors create unique and informative content encompassing a variety of topics related to integrative health. Following our writing guidelines, authors are responsible for researching, producing, and maintaining the integrity of educational material for practitioners and patients.

Amanda Murdoch, BA
Health and Wellness Writer

Amanda works on the Integrative Medical Advisory Team as an Assistant Buyer for Fullscript Canada. S...

Cait Fortier RHN, BA
Registered Nutritionist

Cait is a registered holistic nutritionist, health writer, and beekeeper. She graduated from the Uni...

Clara Sage Sartor, BSc
Naturopathic Student Intern - Fullscript

Clara currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematical biology with a minor in French an...

Deirdre Bell
Copywriter and Editor

Deirdre Shevlin Bell is a copywriter and editor specializing in health and sustainability. Deirdre e...

Elara Mosquera
Medical Journalist

As a medical journalist, Elara helps research, create, and curate original content for Fullscript. S...

Emily Kielbiski, RHN, BASc.
Registered Holistic Nutritionist, BASc.

Emily is a writer and holistic nutritionist, with a special interest in clean beauty and healthy ski...

Jaslyn English, MA
Insights Analyst - Fullscript

Jaslyn leads the Insights research at Fullscript, working on how to better serve practitioners and h...

Katrina Krutzik, BS
Chiropractic Student Intern - Fullscript

Katrina is currently a chiropractic medicine student at the National University of Health Sciences i...

Karolina Zaremba, CNP
Medical Content Specialist - Fullscript

Karolina develops evidence-based wellness and marketing content, and leads the delivery of internal ...

Karolyn Gazella
Health and Medical Writer

Karolyn Gazella has been writing and publishing integrative health information since 1992. She is th...

Kayla Robinson, BKin, RHN
Medical Content Manager - Fullscript

Kayla leads the development and dissemination of educational offerings, collaborating with Medical C...

Kim Erickson
Health and Medical Writer

Kim is a writer specializing in natural and integrative health. In addition to writing for numerous ...

Laura Dan, BSc, NDTR
Medical Content Specialist - Fullscript

Prior to joining Fullscript, Laura graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s degr...

Lily Shemereko, INHC
Holistic Nutrition Health Coach

Lily’s passion for herbal medicine, nutrition, and non-toxic living began at a young age. Her pare...

Megan Feldt, BSc
Medical Research Coordinator - Fullscript

Megan is a Medical Research Coordinator with the Integrative Medical Advisory Team (IMAT) at Fullscr...

Michelle Lauer, CNP
Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Michelle is a graphic designer on the Fullscript Marketing Team, where she marries her passion for w...

Nada Ahmed, BSc
Naturopathic Student Intern - Fullscript

Nada completed the Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour program at McMaster University, where sh...

Ross Bailey, BScKin, MKin
Medical Research Specialist - Fullscript

Ross graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in kinesiol...

Stephanie MacNeill, MHSc, RD
Registered Dietitian

Stephanie MacNeill is a Registered Dietitian and Sports Dietitian. She works with clients and athlet...

Jayelah Bush, BScN
Medical Content Specialist - Fullscript

As a medical content specialist, Jayelah creates evidence-based patient-focused wellness education. ...

Rida Rehman, CNP
Content Writer - Fullscript

Rida is a content writer with the Integrative Medical Advisory Team (IMAT), where she writes evidenc...