Our Mission

Helping people get better

Getting better is our life’s work

When there’s an emergency or a patient needs acute care, conventional medicine’s value is undeniable. That said, chronic health conditions and mental health make up 90% of the United States’ $3.8 trillion in annual healthcare costs. The impact of these conditions on people’s quality of life and our healthcare systems could be reduced with lifestyle changes or integrated plans that focus on root causes. As allopathic practitioners provide vital care to patients with immediate needs, Fullscript supports practitioners focusing on prevention and the connected, underlying causes of a patient’s symptoms. Thousands of integrative and functional health professionals are pushing for a shift to a more proactive perspective on lifestyle, patient care, and all of medicine.

These practitioners are on a mission to provide lifelong care that helps people discover and rediscover wellness for the rest of their lives. It’s Fullscript’s mission to support them — to help people get better. From practitioners to patients, partners, and colleagues, we build frictionless technology and personalized experiences to support those on their wellness journeys, whatever that means to them.

This has never been just about supplements

Fullscript evolved when two organizations disconnected by geography but connected by wellness came together to become healthcare’s leading supplement dispensing platform and patient adherence tool.


Fullscript is born

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Alanna Dyment, ND, was setting up her own naturopathic clinic. She was in debt and wrestling with the hassle that came along with stocking and managing a supplement dispensary. She mentioned to her husband, Brad Dyment, that she wanted to spend less time managing her business and more time treating patients. Brad and his business partner, Kyle Braatz, had been looking for a new idea — one that would tackle a problem they could spend the rest of their careers solving. They decided integrative practitioners needed an easier way to dispense wellness and patients needed an easier way to access integrative care. They soon partnered with a third co-founder, Chris Wise, and shortly thereafter, the first online supplement dispensing platform was born.

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Merging with Natural Partners

Beginning in 1995, Natural Partners grew from a regional supplement supplier with a handful of brands to a national player carrying hundreds of products, serving doctors in every US state. In 2018, leaders of Natural Partners and Fullscript realized that they shared the same vision for healthcare. Merging to become Natural Partners Fullscript (NPFS), the two companies renewed their vision to change the world of integrative and functional health with future plans to unite its brand and platform.

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“This has never been just about supplements. It has always been about the evolution of medicine. It has always been about helping practitioners provide better care, and most importantly, helping patients commit to wellness.”

- Kyle Braatz, Chief Executive Officer


$25M in Series B Funding

In 2019, Fullscript (then Natural Partners Fullscript) earned $25M in Series B Funding from Kayne Partners, the growth equity group of Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P. With new funding came new growth — growth that has scaled and accelerated the platform to supporting practitioners at the point of care and beyond.

“This funding will do so much more than help our company grow. With this kind of capital, I truly believe our team is capable of changing the way healthcare is prescribed, and even more importantly, helping people get better, whatever that means to them.”

- Brad Dyment, Chief Product Officer


Certified carbon-neutral

In August of 2020, the organization proudly became certified carbon-neutral, neutralizing its carbon footprint from January 1st, 2020 onwards. It was a monumental moment for the company — but only the first step in improving the health of the planet and as a result, the health of all people.

“Environmental conditions are critical to a holistic approach to wellness. Climate change threatens key determinants of health such as clean air to breathe, safe drinking water, and access to quality food. Carbon-neutrality is an excellent example of proactive measures to ensure the health of our planet, and by extension, the health of our people.”

- Dr. Jeffrey Gladd, MD, Chief Medical Officer


Launching One Platform

In 2020, nearly two years of hard work came together when an improved version of Natural Partners’ wholesale ordering folded into the Fullscript platform. This new functionality gave practitioners access to a bigger catalog and the industry’s best product search. From this dedication to supporting practitioners, came the only supplement dispensing solution (still) to offer both wholesale ordering and virtual dispensing on one platform.

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“I have recently begun using Fullscript wholesale and find it simple and efficient. My practice offers both virtual and in-office dispensing and we, therefore, appreciate the simplicity of using the same platform for both.”

- Lauren Beardsley, NMD
CoFounder, Heath Engineer at Blocks of Health and longtime Natural Partners customer


Completing the merger

Operating since June 2018 as Natural Partners Fullscript (NPFS), leadership finished what it started by merging Natural Partners and Fullscript into a single brand. Under the banner of Fullscript, both teams bid farewell to the Natural Partners website and name and welcomed a new (yet familiar) identity. It was a thoughtful shift, based on research, feedback from users, and innovative technology to facilitate a seamless transition for practitioners and patients.

Watch Fullscript Executive Chair of the Board, Fran Towey and Natural Partners founder Tye Smith discuss what the merger means for practitioners and Fullscript’s mission.

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Inspiring our team to do their best work

A look at Fullscript leadership.

Fran Towey Executive Chair

As Executive Chair, Fran Towey leads corporate development and financing activities. He also provides guidance and direction on the company’s strategic planning and advocates for Fullscript’s mission through his long-standing industry relationships. Prior to this role, Fran served as president and CEO of Natural Partners and Natural Partners Fullscript. Fran earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University and an Executive MBA from Fogelman College of Business and Economics at the University of Memphis. He sits on the board of trustees for the PKD Foundation and is also Fullscripts’ Board of Directors Chair.

Kyle Braatz Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Kyle Braatz leads Fullscript with a focus on growth through technology and innovation. Kyle co-founded Fullscript in 2011 and successfully merged with Natural Partners in 2018. He continues to lead the organization through massive growth, earning Fullscript the number two spot on Canadian Business’s 2020 fastest-growing companies in Canada. Kyle has been awarded Canada’s Top 40 under 40, Ottawa’s top 40 under 40, and both the Young Achiever Award and the Alterna Social Responsibility Award from the University of Ottawa.

Brad Dyment Chief Product Officer

As Chief Product Officer, Brad Dyment leads the growth and development of Fullscript’s digital products. Brad co-founded Fullscript, finding inspiration for the company’s first product when his wife, a Naturopathic Doctor, shared the challenges of starting a clinic. His appreciation for integrative medicine paired with his expertise in web development makes him uniquely suited as the leader of the Fullscript product. Prior to Fullscript, Brad founded several companies including Simple Story Videos. Brad received Ottawa’s 40 under 40 at the age of 27.

Heather Tyrie Chief Talent Officer

As Chief Talent Officer, Heather Tyrie leads Fullscript’s Talent and Culture team. She’s responsible for maintaining and evolving the work environment that empowers all Fullscripters to grow personally and professionally. Heather has a diverse background in large and small organizations — both public and private — working in IT, marketing, and human resources. Her passion is creating rock-solid foundations for companies to grow and thrive. Doing this for the last 20 years has given her a platform to share her expertise, most notably as the first speaker at Ottawa’s inaugural DisruptHR event. Prior to joining Fullscript, Heather worked at a number of technology companies, including You.i TV, iMPath Networks, and Newbridge Networks.

Dr. Jeff Gladd Chief Medical Officer

As Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Gladd advises on company and product direction from the perspective of integrative and family medicine. He has been a member of the Fullscript Medical Advisory Team since 2019. In 2010, Dr. Gladd opened GladdMD Integrative Medicine, blending health-promoting care with high access technology. In 2011, he created and launched the web’s first nutrient depletion calculator, Mytavin.com. With the success of GladdMD, Dr. Gladd has become a sought-after speaker in his field, speaking at TEDx and being featured in various industry publications. Dr. Gladd graduated from medical school in 2001 and after successfully opening a family practice, shifted focus to achieving health through nutrition. In 2009, he completed the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine fellowship program under the direction of Dr. Andrew Weil, MD.

Kurtis Funai Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Kurtis Funai manages a team that spreads across eight different technology functions. Kurtis was Fullscript’s fourth employee, leading the product engineering team for many years before serving as VP of Engineering, and now as Chief Technology Officer. Kurtis built the engine that powers the Fullscript platform. He has been the lead on the development of the company’s primary prescription tool, as well as its powerful refill engine, and has adapted the software to support hospital systems, multi-location clinics, and multi-staff practices. He has also led the development of an API to host integrations with electronic health record (EHR) systems — making Fullscript the first virtual dispensary to do so and setting an industry-standard in the process.

Elizabeth Halkos Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer, Elizabeth is accountable for driving business growth and market share, and ensuring the company meets its revenue goals. Halkos oversees Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Merchandising, and the Integrative Medical Advisory Team, focusing on enabling the passionate to make integrative medicine accessible to all. Elizabeth has more than 25 years of experience in scaling technology companies, most recently as Chief Operating Officer at SmartCommerce. Previously, Elizabeth served in multiple C-level roles with Purchasing Power, playing a critical role in growing revenue.

Ken Taylor Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Ken is responsible for leading the organization’s financial strategy, focusing on securing external financing to equip Fullscript with the resources needed to fuel further growth. He brings 30+ years of experience with private and public companies, including time with March Networks, BTI Systems (Juniper), Sandvine, and the National Hockey League’s Ottawa Senators. He most recently served as Chief Financial Officer of You.i TV, a software provider for TV and Media companies. You.i TV was recently acquired by WarnerMedia.

Tim Engvall Chief Operations Officer

Tim joined Natural Partners in 1996 as the VP of Merchandising. He later became the VP of Sales and then Chief Operations Officer, a position he continues to hold under the banner of Fullscript. Tim leads the merchandising, purchasing, and distribution teams. His previous work at PetSmart prepared him to become one of Natural Partners’ earliest leaders. He has worked diligently for over two decades to build the company through supplier relationships, distribution, and logistics management.

Christy Lynn White Chief of Staff

Christy joined Fullscript in early 2018 and has served in several key roles during her time with the company. As Chief of Staff, Christy acts as the right hand to the CEO, with a specific focus on further developing and operationalizing Fullscript’s strategic plans, mitigating risk, eliminating silos, and advancing crucial projects across the organization. Prior to joining Fullscript, Christy served in key roles with Nautel Limited and the Government of Canada.