Be your patients’ best source for supplements

Collect clinical context and use decision support tools to choose optimal supplements for your patients. Deliver your recommendations with personalized plans patients order from home.

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Ensure quality for your patients and practice

Large online resellers are making headlines for poor supplement quality. Fullscript gives you control over what products your patients order, ensuring safety, effectiveness, and a convenient experience.

Products in the Fullscript catalog are enforced with strict quality controls to ensure what’s on the label is in the bottle.

NSF-registered warehouses

cGMP-audited brands

Potent ingredient levels

Little to no fillers

Samples selected for finished product testing

Vetted by real practitioners

Write plans easily and efficiently

Supplement catalog
Find healthcare’s best supplement and wellness brands all in one place and add them to easy-to-write supplement plans.
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Clinical decision support
Save time and effort with smart suggestions that help you make the best possible clinical decisions — all in one workflow.
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Evidence-based templates
Access a library of evidence-based templates to jumpstart your plans or find clinical support across conditions.
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Deliver care the way that works for you

Online plans
Send individual or multi-patient supplement plans that patients order right to their doors.
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Wholesale ordering
Order from a high-quality wholesale catalog and stock your shelves for in-person dispensing.
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Keep patients on track with less effort

Adherence & insights
Help your patients stay engaged with automated adherence tools like refill reminders, Autoship, and the Fullscript mobile app.
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Current supplements
Monitor the supplements your patients are currently taking and receive ingredient breakdowns throughout your workflow.
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Patient promotions
Help patients save while driving treatment adherence with Fullscript-led patient promotions multiple times annually.
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“What I like most about Fullscript is that it allows my patients to purchase well-vetted-out supplements, so I don’t have to take them by the hand and go down to a vitamin shop and pick out their supplements. I can be assured that what I select for them in their plan on Fullscript and what they purchase are high-quality dietary supplements.”

JP Saleeby, MD, Joined Fullscript in 2013

“My patients really enjoy the convenience of Fullscript. Products can be ordered and shipped right to their door. It’s convenient and reliable, especially for patients who live in areas that may have few supplement stores.”

Nate Tschudy, ND, Joined Fullscript in 2019

“Offering discounts on Fullscript encourages my clients to continue making orders instead of going to Amazon or other places like that for their supplements. Giving my patients a discount provides a sense of loyalty.”

Deanna Scotton, HHP, MH, Joined Fullscript in 2022


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