How to Create a Scalable Virtual Group Program Using Wearable Technology

Leverage this new era of medicine and create better patient outcomes.

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Addressing Anxiety and Nervous System Dysregulation in Post Concussion and Whiplash Syndrome

Discuss anxiety and the nervous system following a concussion and whiplash syndrome.

The Microbiome Gut-Brain Connection: Depression and Anxiety

Examine the connection between the microbiota and the central nervous system.

Stress and Sleep: Nutritional Interventions for Adrenal Fatigue

Review the latest research on stress and sleep with a careful look at adrenal dysfunction.

Personalizing Total Nutrition for More Patient and Business Wins

Find out how to implement personalization at every phase of your patient relationship.

Leveraging Environmental Medicine in your Practice

Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, ND, discusses the role of environmental health in the epidemic of chronic disea...

Simplifying Immune Support

Learn recommended products for immune support from Standard Process & MediHerb.

Upgrade Your Approach to Skin: Addressing the Skin Microbiome Internally and Externally

Discover how to use an integrative approach to restore healthy skin.

Broken Immunity – Obesity and the Gut Microbiome: Addressing Overlooked Relationships

How to address obesity through the relationship between gut microbiome and immune system.