A practitioner sending a patient personal supplement refill reminders

Personalized refill reminders

If your patients opt in, Fullscript can send automated refill reminders via email or push notification on our mobile app. Your dosage instructions set the cadence of the reminders.


Make adherence easy with Autoship. Patients schedule their refill orders with the flexibility to skip, pause, or cancel an order anytime.

Patients using Autoship are 70% more likely to refill

Autoship & Save

You can promote refill scheduling with Autoship & Save. Offer patients discounts in 5% intervals up to 35% per Autoship order.

Patients with an Autoship discount are twice as likely to activate Autoship
Autoship reminder
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iOS mobile app

Patients can manage their wellness from anywhere with the Fullscript mobile app.

They can access their supplement plans, share and manage current supplements, manage Autoship, and receive push notifications for refills, new plans, and order tracking.


Engage patients with promotions

Fullscript manages, markets, and analyzes full-scale patient promotions on behalf of its providers multiple times annually. Thousands of Fullscript users jumpstart care by opting to help their patients save on supplements.


increase in first orders from new patients.


increase in the number of existing patients who place their first order of the year during a promotion.

“The adherence program and tools Fullscript’s developed are a significant step forward for improving patient engagement and influencing positive behavior change.”

Dr. Jeffrey Bland, PhD, Founder of the Institute for Functional Medicine

“(Using Fullscript)…has actually increased our compliance and adherence from 25% to over 37% when we last analyzed the data.”

JP Saleeby, MD, Joined Fullscript in 2013

“Fullscript has made a difference in my patient’s health by allowing them to be more consistent with their use of the supplements that I recommend. It allows people to set refill reminders which can even be customized to each product.”

Liz Lyster, MD, Joined Fullscript in 2021

“Fullscript enables me to better track patient compliance, and make midcourse corrections with personalized instructions at the stroke of a key—24/7, from wherever I happen to be!”

Ronald Hoffman, MD, Joined Fullscript in 2017

“Since refills are so easy for my patients, I now get orders 3 and 5 months after the appointment. I love being notified when patients refill their order, and it’s wonderful to know that my patients are still compliant months after I have last seen them.”

Vincent Pedre, MD, Joined Fullscript in 2013


Help your patients build healthy habits on Fullscript