Practitioners love Fullscript. Here's what a few of them had to say.

  • Dr. Andrea Hilborn

    Sydenham, Ontario

    "Fullscript allows me to have a dispensary of my own without the risk and the hassle of managing inventory. Freeing up the time I would have spent managing a dispensary allows me to devote more time to marketing and growing my practice, which is extremely valuable for a new ND! What I like most is that my patients have access to the exact products I want to give them. I would never be able to replicate the access to so many brands with an in-house dispensary."

  • Dr. Rian Shah

    Sammamish, Washington

    "I really, really enjoy working with you guys. I like the fact that you're a technology company and that you follow through with requests to make your service continually better. Your customer service is incredible, to the point that it's even inspiring. Your professionalism is just really impressive. You guys are patient and kind, and whenever there have been hiccups you guys handle them so gracefully. I have nothing but good things to say about y'all. I think Fullscript is wonderful!"

  • Jayda Siggers

    Ottawa, Ontario

    "Fullscript has done nothing but improve the level of service I am able to deliver to my clients. The recommendation feature allows me to send each client their own custom protocol, and it allows me provide a fully stocked professional dispensary without any of the time or cost of having to manage it. I'm so pleased with my experience I've even included Fullscript as a resource in workshops I teach to new practitioners."

  • Dr. Amy Day

    Berkeley, California

    "Fullscript is great! The prescription tool makes it really easy for my patients to get exactly what they need, without the hassle and expense of stocking an on-site pharmacy. Fullscript allows me to give discounts as needed, too!"

  • Dr. Jody Stanislaw

    Hailey, Idaho

    "I'm thrilled with Fullscript. It is a wonderful resource for freeing up my time! I've spent endless unpaid hours managing my dispensary and am so happy to no longer have to waste time ordering, unpacking, and managing inventory. Now, I just take a few seconds to input what my patients need into a virtual prescription and they can reorder anytime they want. Fullscript is great!"

  • Dr. Aarti Patel

    Oakland, California

    "Since I started using Fullscript, my patients have been following their treatment plans and ordering the correct products more than ever before. I used to send patients to different retailers to get supplements. I also typed out detailed treatment plans --which took time. I was craving the tools that Fullscript provides, which conveniently combine both of these features into one. I now use Fullscript exclusively to create unique and personalized treatment plans that include direct access to the natural health products I'm prescribing. I love using Fullscript and my patients do too!"

  • Dr. Jerry Duggar

    Bountiful, Utah

    "I have been searching for a well designed online supplement solution for a long time. Fullscript has been a perfect solution and has fit the perfect niche in the marketplace. Their web design is simple and appealing and their customer service has been excellent. If this is your first foray into online supplement sales for your practice, the Fullscript team will help you and your patients make it through the small learning curve without any problems. "

  • Dr. Carly Snyder

    New York, NY

    "With Fullscript I feel better knowing the source and quality of the supplements my patients are purchasing, rather than hoping they aren't buying something with fillers and chemicals from an unknown source. Having a virtual rather than physical dispensary is also better for me in terms of being allowed to have a much greater, better selection with a virtual dispensary; my office would never allow for many options given space constraints."

  • Kia Sanford

    San Anselmo, California

    "Fullscript makes it easy for me to check up on my clients as well and know whether they are following the recommendations I have made."