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“I use Fullscript because I’m always looking for impactful tools to support my patients. Fullscript drives compliance and health outcomes.”

Dr. Meghan Walker, ND

Dr. Meghan Walker, ND headshot

“Fullscript makes it easy for me and my patients to collaborate in making their better nutrition choices more often.”

Ashley Koff, RD

Ashley Koff, RD headshot

“For physicians with a busy practice, efficiency is everything. Fullscript gets it and makes patient compliance much easier.”

Dr. Geo Espinosa, ND

Dr. Geo Espinosa, ND headshot

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Dr. Kris Sargent, DC

Dr. Kris Sargent, DC

“The most impactful thing for the practice was implementing Fullscript. I jumped online, signed up, and sent out an email to my patients. I love it. No more wasting time making sure I’ve got the right bottles. My office administrator can pay more attention to patients — the people that really need her help.”

Dr. Chris Oswald, DC

Dr. Chris Oswald, DC

“Fullscript lets patients receive prescriptions, communicate with me directly, and easily reorder. The convenience is huge because when they’re running out of something, there’s no need for an appointment. They just order their supplements. They know the lead time and get reminders. It paves a path.”

Dr. Dan Kalish, DC, IFMCP

Dr. Dan Kalish, DC, IFMCP

“After 25 years of stocking and selling supplements, I finally switched to Fullscript. What a difference! I cut my expenses and increased the range of top-quality supplements I can recommend. My office staff has way less work! Fullscript has increased my bottom line and helped me deliver better care to patients.”

The numbers speak for themselves

These are real results from real practitioners with a free Fullscript dispensary.


in annual inventory management savings

One chiropractor cleared $20,000 worth of supplements off their shelves by switching to Fullscript.

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more revenue with an EHR integration

Fullscript integrates with leading EHRs for free to help you streamline and grow your practice.

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in MSRP using shareable protocols

By using Fullscript’s shareable wellness protocols, one practitioner achieved an MSRP boost while also increasing patient engagement.

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Medical Doctors

Dr. Ronald Hoffman, MD

Dr. Ronald Hoffman, MD

“Since adopting Fullscript, I have expanded my capability to offer a far greater range of innovative supplements. It also enables me to better track patient compliance, and make midcourse corrections with personalized instructions at the stroke of a key—24/7, from wherever I happen to be!”

Dr. Tina Discepola, MD

Dr. Tina Discepola, MD

“The Fullscript platform has been a game-changer for me. I’m completely virtual and reach folks in every state. Without Fullscript, I’d have to ship out supplements myself or with individual dispensaries. Now I can access all of my supplements and brands in one location. My patients love the ease of ordering.”

Naturopathic Doctors

Dr. Sara Jean Barrett, ND headshot

Dr. Sara Jean Barrett, ND

“The new wholesale ordering process via Fullscript is very easy to use. I use Fullscript daily with patients already so making the switch to also using Fullscript for our wholesale orders was a no-brainer. Now I can use the supplement categories I’ve already created to very quickly build a cart. This switch has saved me time.”

Dr. Rob Kachko, ND headshot

Dr. Rob Kachko, ND

“Our greatest challenge as providers is making recommendations that are equal parts feasible and sustainable for our patients. Working with Fullscript gives me a sense of comfort knowing that our patients can continue to have reliable access to the brands and products our clinic knows and trusts."

Dr. Meghan Walker, ND Headshot

Dr. Meghan Walker, ND

“I use Fullscript because I’m always looking for the most impactful tools to support my patients. Fullscript drives compliance and ultimately health outcomes because it takes the hassle out of filling my prescriptions and gives purchasing control back to my patients.”

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Nurse Practitioners

Mary-Beth Charno, NP headshot

Mary-Beth Charno, NP

"I’ve been using Fullscript for three years now. I’m so happy with the platform. It lets me access industry-leading products and read labels and ingredients. I even filter my searches based on patient allergies or nutritional preferences. Fullscript has been a great additional source of revenue. They make it so easy!"

Colleen Tetzlaff, NP headshot

Colleen Tetzlaff, NP

“With Fullscript I can be assured that the products I recommend to my patients are being stored and transported. It allows me to keep a lower inventory of products in my office thereby reducing my overhead. I highly recommend.”

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