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You’ll notice that our two account options have a lot in common. They’re both completely free to use, and offer practitioners the flexibility, support, and efficiency they need to put personalized health plans into action — from anywhere.

Patient care

No margin account

Margin account

24/7 Access

Automated refill reminders

Autoship options

Text and email prescriptions

Emailed wellness content

Convenient payment options

Free shipping for orders over $50

HIPAA-compliant and data secure

Patient promotions of up to 25%

Patient promotions of up to 35%

Practitioner tools

No margin account

Margin account

EHR integrations

Marketing support

Quick search filters: Ingredients, allergens, certifications, dosage, supplement type

Customizable dosage settings on all products

Shareable protocols for one-to-many care

Rich treatment plans (PDF guides, emojis and more)

Evidence-based protocols

Favorites lists

Smart product swapping

External storefront

Website buttons for your dispensary

Automated sales tax remittance

Income tax reporting

Monthly direct deposit of earnings

Adjustable frequency for earnings deposits

In-app sales reports

Customer support

No margin account

Margin account

Practitioner account set up and changes

Dispensary management

Patient support

Order placement

Shipment tracking

Phone, email, and live chat support

Self-serve support center

Embeddable product card set up

Generating reports

Frequently asked questions

Can Fullscript ship internationally?

Currently, we only ship within Canada and the U.S.

Does Fullscript carry CBD products?

We’d love to be able to carry CBD products, as we know they’re in demand by both our practitioners and patients. However, we currently can’t offer them due to restrictions and regulations outside of our control. But, practitioners in the U.S. can purchase some CBD products through Natural Partners — the wholesale side of our business — for in-office dispensing.

Can I direct patients to a protocol by sending them a link?

A member of our support team can help you create embeddable product cards to be used on your website, which will link to a specific product in your dispensary. Soon, we’ll be launching shareable wellness protocols — an easy way for you to create a protocol with one or many products attached, and then share it publicly by generating your own link.

I order wholesale for my office. Can I get that through Fullscript as well?

We have a wholesale arm of our business called Natural Partners, and later this year, we’ll be bringing that functionality into the Fullscript platform. That way, you’ll have the optimal dispensing mix at your fingertips, easily shifting between dispensing in-office and recommending virtually without skipping a beat.

What am I liable for? Should I restrict the catalog?

We allow practitioners to customize their dispensaries and catalogs so they’re comfortable with their patients’ access. You can determine and change which products your patients will see by choosing an open, private, restricted, or closed catalog. These options range from giving your patients the ability to shop the entire catalog, to setting up browsable favorites lists of products you trust, to only allowing patients to see and order the specific products you’ve recommended to them.

Can I add my own background image for the landing page?

No, but you can choose from a series of pre-loaded, high-quality stock images, selecting an image you feel best-suits the theme and specialization of your practice. You can also upload your logo and customize the name of your dispensary to match the name and branding of your practice.

What’s the difference between my practitioner account and my patient account?

If you’ve used the same email address to create an account as both a practitioner and a patient, you’ll be able to toggle back and forth between these two profiles. When you’re in the platform and would like to use it as a practitioner, you’ll click on the stethoscope icon near your name. This will allow you to write recommendations, create templates, manage your store settings, and more. The patient profile can be used to see the Fullscript experience from your clients’ perspective, or to order products from your own store for yourself.

How should I order for myself?

The easiest way is to add yourself as a patient while in the practitioner profile. You should give yourself the full discount available if you’re for-margin. Once your products are attached in the recommendation, instead of selecting to send the recommendation, you’ll select “send and place order” from the dropdown menu of additional options. This will bring you to the checkout process.

Will this get me in trouble with the college of physicians?

We have tens of thousands of integrative healthcare practitioners using our platform each month without issue, but if you’re concerned, it’s always best to check with your college! And, if the margin account is a potential issue, you can always choose a no-margin account. Remember, we function as an extension of your practice and supplement inventory — similar to running your own in-office dispensary. We just take the hassle out of it!

How long do patients wait for delivery?

It varies based on location, but these are the shipping options for patients:

  • Standard Shipping (4-7 business days)
  • Priority Shipping (1-3 business days)
  • Overnight (next business day)

In the United States, we use UPS. In Canada, we use Canada Post. All of our warehouses are currently shipping on-time, and any delivery delays are due to the carrier. We also offer free, standard shipping for order over $50.

Who handles adverse reactions?

Our support team can speak to the patient and help them fill out a short survey that logs any relevant details around the reaction. This will be used to track the report, and ensure it’s not part of a more widespread issue with the manufacturer or the product batch. The patient will be given a return label to send back the product, and will receive a full refund — regardless of how much product they’ve consumed or when they received their order.

Can I get social media and marketing support?

Yes! We offer several ways to help you market your practice, including embeddable product cards, website buttons, and a customizable landing page. We run regular patient promotions that you can opt-into, and we take care of the rest in terms of marketing it to patients! We also regularly send patients evidence-based wellness content to help keep them motivated, educated, and to keep your recommendations top-of-mind. Lastly, we’ll be releasing a marketing toolkit for practitioners soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Can I get education support for my staff?

Absolutely! Every practitioner who signs up for Fullscript gets paired with a specialist. This Fullscript team member basically gives you white glove service when it comes to your virtual dispensary. They can help get you set up, show you how to use the advanced features like a pro, and can even offer education and training to your staff! We also have an Integrative Medical Advisory Team that’s constantly curating the latest evidence-based research which is turned into practitioner resources, patient handouts, protocols, and other helpful materials.

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