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Practitioners shouldn’t have to pay to provide a better healthcare experience. Learn about everything that’s included in a practitioner and patient account.

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Practitioner account

Collect clinical context and use decision support tools to choose optimal supplements. Deliver personalized plans that your patients order from home or order wholesale to dispense products in person.

Healthcare credentials require approval for products to ship.

High-quality supplements

375+ brands, 13,000+ products
Supplement plan writing tool
Wholesale supplement catalog

Adherence support

Personalized refill reminders
Refill scheduling with Autoship
Library of evidence-based patient handouts
Fullscript mobile app

Clinical efficiency

Smart product comparisons
Easy-to-read ingredient intake summaries
Time-saving supplement plan templates
World-class customer support
25+ health platform and EHR integrations

Patient savings

Custom patient discounts
Fullscript-led patient promos
Autoship & Save to promote scheduled refills

Patient accounts

Give your patients easy access to healthcare’s best supplements, personalized plans, tools to stay adherent, and a world-class e-commerce experience.

Patients can sign up through a practitioner invite or store link.

High-quality supplements

Access to personalized supplement plans
Access to high-quality online supplement store (requires practitioner permission)

Patient savings

Practitioner-controlled discounts
Fullscript-led patient promos
Autoship & Save to save on refills (requires practitioner permission)

Adherence support

Personalized refill reminders
Refill scheduling with Autoship
Fullscript mobile app
World-class customer support

Convenient care

Safe, effective products shipped to their door
Access to practitioner instructions
Access to educational resources

FAQs about signing up for Fullscript

Can anyone sign up for Fullscript?

Many types of practitioners can sign up for Fullscript so long as they provide appropriate healthcare professional credentials. Credential approval is required before any orders (wholesale or patient orders) can ship, but once you’ve uploaded your credential(s), you can start using your account right away! This includes adding patients or sending supplement plans. Healthcare credentials are typically reviewed in less than one business day.

Patients may only sign up for Fullscript if you invite them by adding them to the platform or sending them your store sign-up link.

What does a Fullscript demo entail?

Fullscript demos can be whatever you’d like them to be! Our most popular topics include: learning how the platform works, optimizing your account to suit your practice, and learning about new or existing features.

Do you need to see a demo before signing up for a practitioner account?

No, you don’t. Practitioners can sign up for Fullscript at any time. Click here to create an account.

Do I have to choose between sending online plans and ordering wholesale?

No! You can do both if you really want to.

Most Fullscript practitioners send online plans because it lets them make personalized recommendations, keep track of treatment adherence, and avoid stocking physical inventory. Patients access their plans online and order supplements right to their doors.

Some practitioners send online plans and order wholesale so that they can stock their office with products. That way, they can dispense products in person during patient appointments for added convenience.

Book a demo if you’d like help determining the right method for you.

“What I love most about Fullscript is the ability to provide the absolute best products to my patients. I really trust Fullscript’s process in screening the products, making sure what I’m prescribing is going to have a therapeutic impact.”

Nate Tschudy, ND, Joined Fullscript in 2019

“I’m a nurse practitioner who’s been using Fullscript for three years and so happy with the platform… Patients love the easy ordering.”

Mary-Beth Charno, NP, Joined Fullscript in 2017

“My practice is virtual and I reach folks in all 50 states. As a functional MD, Fullscript has been a game changer for my practice and patients.”

Tina Discepola, MD, Joined Fullscript in 2017


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