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Jayelah Bush, BScN

Medical Operations Specialist - Fullscript

Jayelah earned her undergraduate degree in Nutrition from Arizona State University, where she fostered an affinity for integrative medicine. Her medical interests include gastrointestinal health, kidney health, and nutrition education.

Outside of the office, Jayelah enjoys cooking, baking, and traveling.

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how to tell if supplements are fake: identifying genuine and fake supplements blog post
How to Tell if Supplements are Fake: Identifying Genuine and Fake Supplements
Learn more about how to tell if supplements are fake and what key things to look out for when identifying genuine products.
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Do Supplements Work?: The Scientific Evidence of Dietary Supplements
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Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits for Children
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How Stress Affects Hormonal Health
Stress and the stress hormones from the adrenal glands have far-reaching effects on health, they can imbalance hormones.
sleep apnea: symptoms, risk factors, and treatment options blog post
Sleep Apnea: Symptoms, Risk Factors, and Treatment Options
These non-invasive natural remedies including lifestyle changes and sleeping position can be effective methods for treating sleep apnea naturally.
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10 Health Benefits Of Acupuncture You May Not Know
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