Getting started

Learn everything you need to get you and your patients set up with Fullscript.

How to search your dispensary catalogs

Efficiently search Fullscript’s supplement catalog with filters designed for and by practitioners.

How to add patients to your dispensary

Learn how to add individual patients or import your entire patient list into your account.

Integrating your account to your EHR

Harmonize your workflow by integrating Fullscript into your favorite HIPAA-compliant patient record and health platforms.

Build supplement plans

Learn how to build personalized plans for individual or multiple patients.

How to capture clinical context

Learn how to collect your patients’s supplement details — regardless of their Fullscript availability.

How to create patient plans

Learn how to create and set out individual or multi-patient supplement plans (templates) with this guide.

How to place a wholesale order

Take a look at how to build and place a wholesale order through your Fullscript dispensary.

Grow your practice

Discover how you can use Fullscript to reach more patients.

Understanding patient promotions

Learn how to grow your practice and patient engagement by participating in patient promotions.

How to grow your dispensary

Learn how to use the practitioner marketing toolkit to increase your reach and grow your practice.

Unlock the potential of your practice with Fullscript