Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (“Policy”) sets out the terms on which You may access our services, applies to Your use of the services available on the Fullscript Platform (“Services”), and sets out activities that are prohibited in connection with Your use of the Services. Your use of our Platform and website means that You accept and agree to abide by the terms of this Policy which are supplemental to our Terms of Service located here:  Capitalized terms that are used, but not otherwise defined herein, are defined in our Terms of Service.

In operating and providing services under the Fullscript Platform, it is Fullscript’s priority to maintain the integrity of the Platform and optimize every User’s experience. Your compliance with the guidelines below assists us in maintaining the valued Supplier partnerships that allow Health Professionals to access an extensive catalog of professional grade natural health Products.

Discounts and Pricing

Any display of discounts or pricing information for Products may not be in any form or manner that is public facing if displayed in conjunction with the Fullscript name or logo, or in connection to Your Fullscript landing page (i.e. a unique URL that provides access to create a Patient Account on Your dispensary).

This includes, without limitation, on Your website, social media, any other form or type of public distribution channels. You are, however, permitted to share Product pricing with Your Patients when direct, private contact between You and the Patient is made (e.g. newsletters, direct mailings, direct announcements, etc.), via Your restricted access clinic website.

Restriction on Reseller Accounts

The Fullscript Platform permits both direct to Patient orders as well as wholesale orders by Health Professionals.

You may only purchase and resell Products as a Health Professional if You are located in the United States and have been given access to permit wholesale purchases from Your Account.  If You are planning to resell Products, You must adhere to our Wholesale Policy located here.


Healthcare Professionals are required to submit proof of licensure (if applicable) or education to Fullscript to confirm their professional standing in their profession or field.

In order to continue to use Your Account as a Health Professional and have access to the Fullscript Platform, certification documents provided to Fullscript must be kept up to date. Fullscript reserves the right to suspend Your Account in the event of a terminated or expired certification.

Student Accounts

Student Accounts are intended to aid Students in their studies while providing access to professional-grade Products for personal use and for Student’s friends and family members only – they are not for active practice. Students who order wholesale Products through Fullscript must adhere to the Student provisions of our Wholesale Policy located here.

Prohibited Activities

You may not use, or facilitate the use by others, the Services or the Fullscript Platform for any activities that are (a) illegal or violate the rights of others; (b) harmful to Fullscript’s brand reputation and operations; (c) violate the Fullscript Terms of Service or any of its third party service providers; (d) fraudulent or misleading; (e) defamatory, harmful, abusive, or threatening; and/or (f) disruptive to the operation of the Fullscript Platform and/or other Users of the Platform.

You may not upload any personally identifiable information, sensitive information, confidential information or personal health information to the Platform unless permitted by applicable laws and/or You have the consent of the person to whom the information belongs or who is otherwise authorized to provide such consent.


If You identify any activity or see any content from a User that You believe is in violation of this Policy, please report such violation to  If You suspect a Patient is purchasing Products on Fullscript for the purpose of reselling the Products in violation of this Policy or our Wholesale Policy located here, You have a responsibility to report this to Fullscript at


Fullscript reserves the right to investigate any violation of this Policy and to cancel or suspend Accounts if misuse or a violation is reasonably suspected to have occurred, or has occurred, including termination of any existing agreements between You and Fullscipt.

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