This policy exists to further your understanding of how to appropriately use the Fullscript platform. It is Fullscript’s priority to maintain the integrity of the platform and optimize every user’s experience.

Fullscript exists to facilitate product recommendations between practitioners and their patients. Each section below outlines the necessary usage guidelines to maintain the valued supplier partnerships that allow practitioners to access the most extensive catalog of professional grade natural health products.

By adhering to this Acceptable Use Policy, you assist Fullscript in continuing to provide the highest quality experience for all practitioners and their patients.

Discounts and Promotions

You are not permitted to display discounts, promotions or pricing information in any form that is public facing. This includes your website, social media or any other form of public distribution channels.

You are, however, permitted to share pricing with your patients when direct, private contact is made (e.g. newsletters, direct mailings, direct announcements, etc).

Your Landing Page

You are not permitted to post or promote your Fullscript landing page on public-facing social media.

You are, however, encouraged to post your Fullscript landing page on your clinic website to ease the process of ordering for your patients. You are also welcome to share your landing page in direct correspondence to your patients, such as a newsletter or direct mailing.

Resellers Policy

Fullscript is a patient ordering platform and is not intended for wholesale ordering to stock your onsite dispensary. You are encouraged to contact suppliers directly when ordering for your office.

You are not permitted to re-sell products ordered via Fullscript in any way, including traditional retail sales or via e-commerce platforms (e.g. Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, etc.). This policy extends to your patients as well.

If you suspect a patient is purchasing products on Fullscript for the purpose of resale you have a responsibility to report it.


Fullscript is a platform that allows healthcare practitioners to recommend natural health products to their patients. As a result, all practitioners are required to submit proof of licensure (if applicable) or education to confirm his or her status as a healthcare provider.

If you are a licensed practitioner, you are required to submit an up-to-date electronic copy of your professional licence or online verification. If you are not a licensed practitioner, you are required to submit a valid record of your educational training (e.g. degree, diploma, certificate, etc.).

Documents containing expiration dates must be maintained as valid and current. Once your license or certification has expired, renewed documentation will be required to maintain your account functionality and brand access.

Fullscript reserves the right to cancel or suspend accounts if misuse is suspected. Order compliance reviews will be performed daily to ensure practitioners are recommending products within the scope of their license/certification.