Compare alternative products instantly

Fullscript delivers smart product comparisons based on the ideal level of ingredients, cost, number of tablets, and the highest refill rates.

Accelerate your decision-making with automatic comparisons of individual product selections against clinically effective alternatives.

Make it easy to analyze what your patients are taking

The Current supplements feature lets your patients easily submit and manage their supplements (even those not on Fullscript).

Fullscript delivers an ingredient breakdown of each product and your patients’ total daily ingredient intake, delivering a summary throughout your workflow.

“What I love most about Fullscript is that it saves me time. It helps me build complete medical plans and I use Fullscript when I want to add on nutraceuticals or supplements without having to go to different places to find them”

Monica Williams, MD, Joined Fullscript in 2021

“(As a practitioner) You need to do the mental arithmetic in your head, which gets hard when you’re looking at two or three different brands. Now there’s a cost comparison that’s extremely helpful for me. That way, I can be more cost-conscious for my patients.”

Dallas Peak, MD, Joined Fullscript in 2018

“My favorite feature on Fullscript is being able to take supplements from various brands and put them all together into one recommendation package that I can provide for a patient.”

Steven Campbell, MD, Joined Fullscript in 2022

“Fullscript helps me create really sophisticated supplement plans that would’ve been more difficult in the past.”

Vincent Pedre, MD, Joined Fullscript in 2013


Work smarter (not harder) on Fullscript