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why use supplements?: using integrative medicine supplements to deliver effective patient care blog post
Why Use Supplements?: Using Integrative Medicine Supplements to Deliver Effective Patient Care Integrative and functional medicine practitioners often incorporate health supplements to support integrated healthcare.
what is integrative medicine?: the past, present, and future blog post
What is Integrative Medicine?: The Past, Present, and Future Integrative medicine is an approach that combines the best methods from conventional medicine with complementary medicines and therapies.
is integrative medicine covered by insurance? blog post
Is Integrative Medicine Covered by Insurance? Among the many types of CAM therapies, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and therapeutic massage are often the only treatments that are covered.

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vitamin a: health benefits, types, deficiencies, foods, and more blog post
Vitamin A: Health Benefits, Types, Deficiencies, Foods, and More Learn more about vitamin A, including the importance of vitamin A and five specific benefits, vitamin A deficiency symptoms, vitamin A foods, and much more.
a functional diet: what are functional foods? blog post
A Functional Diet: What Are Functional Foods? Lean more about how incorporating functional foods into your diet can help you increase your nutrient intake.
top health benefits of pumpkin blog post
Top Health Benefits of Pumpkin Learn more about the health benefits of pumpkin and how you can incorporate more pumpkin into your diet year-round.