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Dr. Kara Fitzgerald
Naturopathic Doctor

"Our mission and vision are very aligned with Fullscript’s – enabling clinicians to practice the best medicine possible."

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Dr. Frank Bodnar

"My patients really enjoy learning more about supplements and their benefits. The more they understand, the more interested they are in seeing the results of their wellness plans."

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Dr. Meghan Walker
Naturopathic Doctor

"I use Fullscript because I am always looking for the most impactful tools to support my patients."

Ashley Koff
Registered Dietitian

"Fullscript makes it easy for me and my patients to collaborate in making their better nutrition choices more often."

6 Supplements That Improve Your Kidney Health Naturally

You can improve your kidney health and reduce your risk of chronic kidney disease by implementing dietary and lifestyle changes.

How to Spot a Protein Deficiency: 11 Signs And Symptoms

The body needs protein to build and repair body tissues, including muscles, skin, hair, and nails. It also serves as building blocks for enzymes and hormones.

5 Vitamins for Brain Health and Memory

Proactive brain health includes basic lifestyle advice coupled with vitamin deficiency prevention and supplementation with vitamins that promote brain health.

Sulfur Rich Foods: Benefits and Best Sources

Sulfur is necessary for several bodily functions and existing research suggests a possible link between the intake of sulfur-rich foods and a lower risk of certain chronic conditions.

A Look at Collagen: Benefits and Best Collagen Supplements

Through research, collagen has been shown to support skin, nail, bone, joint, and cardiometabolic health.

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