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Curcumin is the plant-based chemical that gives turmeric its electric yellow colour. It’s most well studied as a treatment for inflammation caused by chronic conditions.

Press Release

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Natural Partners and Fullscript plan to merge to create the industry-leading, technology-enabled, wellness management service for integrative healthcare practitioners and patients Scottsdale, AZ, and Ottawa, ON, Canada, May 29, 2018 – Natural Partners, Inc. and Fullscript announced plans today to combine, bringing the best wholesale and fulfillment network in the nutritional supplement industry together with… Read more »

A New Leader in Integrative Health is Born

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Dear practitioners, suppliers, and partners: When we launched Fullscript in 2011, we were just three guys from Canada who wanted to build something impactful – something we could work on for the rest of our lives and wake up every day excited about where we could take it next. We owe the integrative healthcare community… Read more »

Vitamin D

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Vitamin D is involved with several important organ systems in the body and its deficiency can cause many different health problem


Probiotics Fullscript Smart Dispensary

Key to maintaining a healthy microbial balance, probiotics are the group of “helpful” microorganisms within your gut.