mother giving her daughter supplement in the kitchen

6 Key Nutrients For Children

A daily multivitamin or mineral supplement can help parents make sure their children are getting at least the basic nutrients they need.

Older women eating salads

Hypothyroidism Natural Remedies: Effective Strategies to Spot & Naturally Treat an Underactive Thyroid

Find out how hypothyroidism symptoms differ between men, women, and infants, and the natural treatment options being prescribed.

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See How Sodium Intake Affects Your Health & How Much Sodium You Really Need Daily

Sodium has a bad reputation in the American diet, but it plays an important role in the functioning of our bodies.

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The DASH Diet for Hypertension

The DASH diet has been proven as an effective intervention and preventive measure for a number of cardiovascular and metabolic health conditions.

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Everything You Need To Know About Metabolic Syndrome

A healthy dietary pattern, certain supplements, HIIT exercise, and improved sleep have been shown to benefit individuals with Metabolic syndrome.

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Natural Ways to Treat Insulin Resistance

Preventing, treating, and reversing insulin resistance requires a three-pronged approach that addresses diet, lifestyle, and dietary supplements.

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How to Deal With the Dire Health Consequences of Obesity

Maintaining normal body weight is something everyone should be focused on—our health depends on it!

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How to Naturally Influence Metabolism

Through a combination of diet, exercise, and dietary supplements we can increase metabolism to not only lose weight but also gain better overall health.

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The Effects Of Dietary Sugar On Mitochondrial Function

Prevent mitochondrial damage and dysfunction by reducing your intake of fructose and moderating fat intake.