Captured video brings movement to the stories we tell. For consistency, we have guidelines around composition, color, lighting, and more.

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  • Apply rule of third, keep eyeline near upper third and consistent throughout video.
  • Background should be clean and uncluttered. It should have natural depth and appropriate horizontal lines.
  • Camera position should match the story emotions and leave room for video graphics.

Video specifications

  • Recorded: 23.97fps, log, 4k preferred
  • Delivered Frame size: 1920×1080 (16:9), 1080×1350 (4:5), 1080×1080 (1:1), 1080×1920 (9:16), or in the rare case 21:9.
  • File type delivery:
    Pro Res — Full Resolution — .MOV file
    High Res — HD 1080 — .MP4 file


  • Minimal and information forward. We want to emphasize the human on screen while providing the most important information.
  • Have a real world influence that’s based on our platform.
  • Added graphics need to be purposeful and contribute to the overall story.


  • We use the term natural cinematic when discussing Fullscript’s lighting. Using a 3:1 lighting ratio where it makes contextual sense.
  • Employ a softer hair light and larger diffused key light. If a stronger light is need opt for reflected fill.
  • We do this to push out of the commercial video space and have a more authentic, professional feeling.


  • Overall tones are naturally warm with subtle background hues.
  • Highlights lean toward Sand 100 #FBF9F5.
  • Background desaturated by 10%.
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Other video elements

Fullscript’s videography encompasses more than just the captured image.

Sound design

Choose mellow, softer toned, natural, oddly pleasing sounds, grounded in the physical (e.g. mouse clicks). While keeping minimalism in mind, aim for music that feels like it is connected to technology.

Voice over

Strive for authentic, genuine, and inspiring reads that try to inspire before it tries to sell. Our voice actors are real people, believable, and are conversational with a tone that feels more intimate to the individual.


Choose music tracks with unique qualities and inspiration drawn from plucked strings. Chosen music makes use of a progression, and carry momentum. Emotion can be used if fitting for the context of the video.

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