Photography plays a central role in visual storytelling at Fullscript. It’s often used to help ground our conceptual product illustrations in reality. We follow a number of priniciples to guide our choices.

Our photography principles


Singularly-focused, simple concepts with space to create focus and house our message.


Optimistic, positive photography that helps create a sense of lasting vitality.


A slice of life, not overly staged, and representing all of humanity’s shapes, tones, and sizes.


Whether with a backdrop, on set, or on location, the background should contrast, not distract.


Calming, natural lighting and colors that help people breathe a sigh of relief.

Custom when possible

We have a beautiful library of custom Fullscript photos that should be our first pick. Access our photography library in our Design Resources drive.

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Photography checklist

Use images that:

Feel natural and candid
Represent the diversity of the human race
Offer natural light and bright scenes
Show ingredients and capsules that look 
natural in color
Represent scenarios relevant to whole person care
Resonate with our audience or provider modality if specified (Medical Doctors v.s. Naturopathic Doctors v.s. Chiropractors etc.)

Don’t use images that:

Portray negative emotions or feelings
Are sexualized
Show fake smiles
Have fake lighting or light flares
Show unnatural, pharmaceutical-looking pills
Have fake plants, leaves, or flowers
Are religious or show any religious holidays
(ex., Christmas, Easter)

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