Icons and illustrations

Icons and illustrations engage audiences and add context to our content. Our illustrations are distilled versions of our platform and are built using circles, capsules, angles, and rounded shapes.

Our visual language

Building on the organic shapes in our logo, we use its DNA to create a visual connection to natural shapes and elements.

These simple, round and soft-edged shapes create a core aesthetic that informs our visual language.

Though they don’t carry tangible meaning onto themselves, together, they help to create a consistent, friendly, and approachable visual brand.

They also act as devices that draw attention to important content – allowing us to steer the visual conversation.


Our icon style is based on Font Awesome – an icon family that also reflects our basic visual language. They should always be used in the light font weight.

Our icons are line-based – making them simple, sophisticated, and clear. Using the expanded color palette can help icons stand-out. Iconography is often used for landing pages, IMAT handouts, bulleted lists in emails, and any other application where they can simply support an idea without becoming the main focus. Icons are most commonly used in the 600 colour shade.

Access our icon library in our Design Resources drive.


Illustrations engage audiences and add context to our content. Fullscript illustrations are distilled versions of our platform and are built using our guiding principles of circles, capsules, angles, and rounded shapes. Access our illustration library in our Design Resources drive.

Flat and rounded

Our illustration style should remain flat. The lines, curves, and shapes that make up the illustration should all be based on rounded geometric shapes. Try to avoid hand-drawn, asymmetrical shapes.


Each illustration should convey one thing to avoid complicated messages and overwhelming audiences. Avoid including too many elements within one illustration. Always ensure the illustration been reduced to its simplest form.


Our illustrations use monochromatic color schemes based on a single color from our core palette. There will be instances where colors outside our core palette are used, such as purple for our adherence-related illustrations.


Our illustrations often include text to help convey the product feature or function. Text should be used minimally and only when imperative to the understanding of the visual and its desired message.

Color takeovers

If we’re trying to group illustrations, a color takeover may be in order. In an effort to keep our style looking clean, illustrations should combine no more that two of our brand colors to maintain simplicity.

Photography elements

Photography elements can add a real-life element to our simplified illustrations, such as lifestyle images and supplement bottles. These elements help bring dimension and added context when necessary to our illustrations.

Brand resources

Explore other brand resources available to the Fullscript Team.