In this time of social distancing, self-isolation, and virtual patient care, many chiropractors are depending on software to help them provide the utmost patient care. When things in the world are changing, access to healthcare doesn’t have to. See how chiropractors are using virtual dispensing with Fullscript to deliver patient care and sustain their practices.

Patient care

By working closely with chiropractors, we understand that patient care comes above all else. Fullscript has been engineered to provide practitioners with the tools to help optimize their patient care. Making it easier to find, recommend, and ship quality products to their patients for the best wellness plans.

Quality products for patient care

“Fullscript offers a massive volume of quality products that fit my patient’s individual needs. It has helped streamline workflow and increased the amount of patient’s access to the best quality supplements.” Dr. Matthew Brackney, DC, CCSP®, ATC, M.ed.

“The vast variety of high quality trusted brands allows me to recommend and tailor directly to my individual members.” Dr. Chad Wellness, LLC

“Fullscript offers my patients much needed nutritional support to complement their chiropractic treatments, with their quality nutritional supplements.” Dr. David Schlute, DC

“A nice variety of quality products! Such a better option for patients to be able to order when they need and not depend on us, their practitioners, to order for them. Patients like having access to an impressive catalog of supplements right at their fingertips.” Dr. Lorelei Wakefield, DC, CCST

“Better compliance with products I trust. You can also set your supplement dispensary to one particular brand. I have mine and my wife’s dispensaries set to our favorite brand.” Dr. Robert Fredrickson, DC, CSCS

“Fullscript offers such quality and variety of products, at the convenience of the patient to be delivered at their door!” Dr. Lydia Zajackowski, DC, CSCS, USAW, PN1

Convenience and accessibility for patient care

“Fullscript allows me to provide better care for those patients outside of our office. It allows us to keep costs down and limit inventory.” Andrea L Otken, DC, MSHNFM

“My Fullscript dispensary has allowed me to offer not only high-quality supplements to my patients, but during this health crisis, it is helping me greatly as I have seen more patients via telehealth. I get to write in my exact recommendations to each patient individually. Dr. Kalli Prater, DC

close up of person holding card and paying online on laptop

Fullscript helps chiropractors bring their patient care online. Practitioners can highlight favorite products with features such as embeddable product cards!

“Patients want and need ease of use. Fullscript provides a platform that is simple to navigate for both patient and provider. There are minimal steps to get started and the prescription can be sent straight to the patient’s phone or email. Click the link, add to cart, and purchase. That easy!” Dr. Barbie Allegretti, DC

“The convenience of Fullscript allows my patients to get quick recommendations virtually. Many patients enjoy the immediacy of recommendations and the time they save. Fullscript also gets practitioners to the right products, quicker due to the smart/advanced search options.”Dr. Frank Bodnar, DC, MS

“Fullscript is an amazing one-stop shopping experience for my patients. In the past, I had to order from multiple companies/vendors in order to prescribe the supplements I found most effective. Now, they’re all in one place, in one impressive catalog! This saves me a considerable amount of time and allows me to focus on what matters most, my patients!”Dr. Suzanne Fox, DC, DCBCN

“Fullscript’s virtual dispensary is a wonderful way to encourage patients to reorder, stay on their wellness programs, and have the convenience of having their products delivered to their home.” Dr. Gaila Mackenzie-Strawn, MS, DC, BCFMP, CTN

“The shipping is so convenient! Fullscript ships quicker than some of the other fulfillment companies, and offers excellent customer service to my patients.” Dr. Robin Mayfield, DC, ACN

woman opening up cardboard box

Fullscript offers patients fast, reliable, safe shipping, saving you time and money.

Adherence and communication for patient care

“I use Fullscript’s practitioner resources, which are available for free, to engage patients on social media/online platforms. Fullscript also allows me to communicate with my patients to ensure refills are automated for them.” Dr. John Curry, DC, MS

“I love that Fullscirpt sends an email directly to my patients with their recommendation and I can see when they place their order! I also get notified of their order being shipped, so I know when they should have started in on their treatment plan.” Dr. Kalli Prater, DC

“I refer to Fullscript as my ‘online dispensary’. Most patients are used to buying online and actually prefer it. I have preferences in my Fullscript account to automate reminders for patients when they are running low and need to reorder products, I can also turn on autoship for specific products. It is a reminder for patients to continue the recommended treatment plan.” Dr. Barbie Allegretti, DC

“I use Fullscript to communicate with patients about their health and overall healthcare needs. It’s a good reminder to them to stay adherent to their treatment recommendations,” Dr. David Schlute, DC

“Fullscript’s text notifications for patients greatly improves compliance. I can send a patient the exact product with the exact dosing I want, and put in a note about why they are taking a specific product. It’s so simple for both me and the patient!” Dr. Stephen Moreau, DC

“We engage patients with prescriptions, which are texted directly to their smartphone! It boosts patient compliance so they adhere to their recommendations for condition-specific supplements, that I recommend.” Dr. Michael Foran, DC, DCCJP

“Fullscript has allowed me to provide supplement recommendations easily right on the platform. I am able to customize notes to my patients and provide very clear dosing instructions. This makes it simple and fast for patients to go back and review the recommendations, rather than emailing me. That is a huge time saver for everyone!” Dr. Suzanne Fox, DC, DCBCN

“I only began to tap into all of the patient education resources that Fullscript provides for free. My patients really enjoy learning more about why a supplement may benefit them and how exactly it works. The more my patients understand the more interested they are in seeing the results for themselves.” Dr. Frank Bodnar, DC, MS

man sitting on floor in living room in front of laptop while he is on the phone

Fitness apps help guide users through workouts and have various fitness levels to choose from.

“Being able to send my patients recommendations and follow-ups, with Fullscript, really helps with adherence. Having all of my patients that I recommend supplements to, on one tool, helps with adherence. When patients order themselves and pay online also helps with adherence.” Dr. Lorelei Wakefield DC, CCST

“I use the templates provided, to create customized protocols for varying patient needs. The ease of having a favorites tab that clients can choose from takes a lot of the repetitiveness of explaining and outlining protocols, out.” Dr. Robert Fredrickson, DC, CSCS

Practice growth

Maintaining efficiency is an important part of running a healthy practice. Fullscript provides practitioners with the tools and resources needed to not only maintain your practice but expand it. Not only can Fullscript help with all aspects of patient care, but it can help to optimize workflow, increase revenue, implement new resources, and ultimately grow your practice.

Workflow optimization

“Fullscript makes my life a whole lot easier: fewer supplement company accounts, fewer orders to track down (because I don’t have to place 3-4 orders per patient), and reduced shipping costs!” Dr. Andrea L Otken, DC, MSHNFM

“With Fullscript, there is no inventory to keep track of! The ease of online recommendations and online purchases saves me so much time.” Dr. Amy Denicke DC, IFMCP

“Using Fullscript has improved my practice’s workflow by reducing cost, and inventory waste due to product expirations. The software helps keep me educated with webinars and articles.” Dr. Lorelei Wakefield DC, CCST

“Streamlined workflow for myself and staff is so achievable by using Fullscript. I see boosts in efficiency with patient adherence, as well. By using the software we also reduce overhead inventory costs.”Dr. Charlotte Meier, DC

Revenue growth

“Fullscript saves me from having a high overhead cost on supplements. Less in stock means that I don’t have to worry about moving expiring products, and it frees up resources for other things like marketing!” Dr. Stephen Moreau, DC

“Since using Fullscript, I have been able to increase revenue at my office and also help boost overall adherence with my patients.” Dr. David Schlute, DC

“Fullscript helped improve our practice by reducing costs, streamlining workflow for the staff, and increasing the number of patients requesting supplementation which improves overall revenue.” Dr. Michael Foran, DCCJP

“The biggest improvement has been in reducing the risk of lost revenue by having products sit on the shelf. Fullscript has also expanded my reach beyond the walls of the office. The virtual platform has allowed me to work with patients that are in my social media circles but may not necessarily come in for an in-person appointment because of geographic location.” Dr. Frank Bodnar, DC, MS

Transition to online

“This supplement dispensary solution integrates with my practice management software. The Fullscript integration allows me to directly recommend supplements without any workflow interruptions!” Dr. Amy Denicke DC, IFMCP

“Fullscript has given me a dream online platform that is convenient and easy to use. Even my patients who are intimidated by technology can easily use it to order supplements. I have wanted to transition to a virtual dispensary for a while, and Fullscript made that possible. I recently ran a 5-day course online and integrated Fullscript on the last day. It worked out beautifully and patients loved being able to order their supplements. As my practice continues to grow in the online space, I am so thrilled to have Fullscript as my partner!” Dr. Suzanne Fox, DC, DCBCN

person planking in front of a laptop on a mat in their living room

Smartwatches use touchscreens, offer apps, and often record heart rate and other vital health activities.

“Fullscript provides options for out of town clients, as well helps increase compliance for patients who are not scheduled to come back in for a while. Fullscript also provides a ton of free sources and webinars to help educate and better our practices as well.”Dr. Robert Fredrickson, DC, CSCS

Tips on using a virtual dispensary

If you don’t already have a virtual supplement dispensary, it’s time to integrate one! From reducing inventory overhead, tracking patient adherence, not worrying about expiry dates, to even increasing your revenue, going virtual can have great benefits for chiropractors.

“A virtual supplement dispensary helps to reduce in-office inventory, and expired products. It helps create a passive income stream while helping patients with top professional brands.” Dr. Edward Catalano, DC

“It’s worth the time and cost savings. It’s convenient to have the patient order their own supplements after meeting/discussing them with you. I’d highly recommend integrating a virtual supplement dispensary.” Dr. Andrea L Otken, DC, MSHNFM

“By using a virtual supplement dispensary, I get to control what my patients have access to. I know the brands and products and am confident that my patients are getting exactly what they ordered! I can’t trust places like Amazon, at all. I love that my patients have 24/7 access to the items they need without having to come into my office.” Dr. Kalli Prater, DC

“Your patients are buying supplements anyways, so they may as well buy from you since you can guide them in choosing a good quality product, as well as make targeted recommendations to address their concerns. A virtual supplement dispensary allows you to keep your emphasis on adjusting but still ensure your patients’ needs are met.” Dr. Stephen Moreau, DC

“If you are considering a virtual dispensary, look no further than Fullscript. Save yourself and your staff the time and energy of ordering, unpacking, and stocking. Fullscript is the answer you have been looking for to move your business forward!” Dr. Suzanne Fox, DC, DCBCN

“Just get started. I can speak for most chiropractors in that we don’t want to be salespeople. We want what’s best for our patients and Fullscript is a cost-friendly solution to do just that. Open an account and focus on education. Pick one area you’re interested in, whether it’s stress, pain, or inflammation, and begin to educate your patients on that topic consistently.” Dr. Frank Bodnar, DC, MS

“In this day and time, we definitely must have a virtual dispensary as patients expect it as an option. I think Fullscript has the most extensive choices, fastest shipping, and customer service.” Dr. Robin Mayfield, DC, ACN

“Now, more than ever, the need for more online services is emerging. Fullscript provides a valuable resource for helping with the current healthcare landscape. If you are a chiropractor who is looking for more ways to help your patients, Fullscript is something to look into. A lot of chiropractors only get paid for when the patient is in the office, virtual supplement dispensaries like Fullscript, allow chiropractors to make residual income while benefiting patient outcomes even when patients aren’t in the office! That’s a win-win in my book.”Dr. Robert Fredrickson, DC, CSCS

“Do it. It’ll take the headache out of supplements.” Dr. Lydia Zajackowski, DC, CSCS, USAW, PN1

The bottom line

Healthcare is evolving as practitioners are faced with the challenges of the current landscape changes, including the current health crisis. But there’s good news, Fullscript’s virtual dispensing can help. Whether it’s providing the best patient care through high-quality supplements, a patient experience that is easy and actionable, and fast shipping; or helping to grow a practice with tools and resources to move online and optimize your business, Fullscript is here for you.

Fullscript simplifies supplement dispensing

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