Patient Autoship is Here

We’ve all been there – you reach into your medicine cabinet to pull out your daily dose of a trusted supplement, only to realize that the bottle is empty. Until now, that empty bottle meant you would have to wait a few days to receive a new order of supplements. When a product is crucial to helping you feel well, a few days without it can be a stressor for mind and body.

Never miss another day. 

Fullscript users can now choose to have orders processed and sent automatically, just as you’re running low on your supplements.

  • Eliminate the need to go online or call to re-order.
  • Make it easier to follow your treatment plan by keeping your supplement supply stocked.
  • Give yourself more time to focus on your health and wellness goals.  

How to Subscribe to Autoship as a Patient

Once logged in, under the Autoship tab,  choose the frequency with which your products will be automatically shipped by Fullscript.

set up autoship - patient view fullscript

Once frequency is selected, add desired products and select “Update”.  A confirmation email summarizing your Autoship products will be sent to you.

autoship choose products

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