Updated: April 20, 2020

Know what to look for when choosing an online supplement dispensary!

Choosing the right tool for a healthcare practice can be a challenge. We want to show practitioners all the important things to consider and look for when choosing an online supplement dispensary.

Fullscript is the most trusted online dispensary with more benefits and functions to help streamline any medical practice and keep patients coming back. Learn how Fullscript is different from other options, and see how Fullscript has become integrative practitioners’ favorite online dispensary.

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Fullscript has the best solution for all practitioners and is favored over other dispensaries.

A practitioner who has been practicing functional medicine or integrative healthcare for some time is likely familiar with having to operate an in-office supplement pharmacy. This in-office vitamin and supplement inventory includes unique products that practitioners have sourced to help their patients. These products are not typically found in local neighborhood pharmacies. Practitioners may also be looking for tools that carry some brands that cannot be found or accessible through normal online retailers and are reserved for qualified professionals only.

Having a variety of quality products, specifically formulated for certain conditions, is extremely useful for practitioners to have on hand. However, managing an in-house dispensary can be very costly and time-consuming. With recent events, physical inventory in the office is less of an option, and trying to ship products out on a daily basis can be a hassle considering the time and effort it takes to run and manage a practice.

Fortunately, advancements with online supplement dispensaries for practitioners allow busy healthcare providers to simplify their dispensing needs so they can spend more time and energy on patient care. Fullscript has the best solution for all practitioners and is favored over other dispensaries.

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Fullscript is the most trusted online dispensary with more benefits and functions to streamline healthcare practices!

Practice optimizing features

Knowing what functionalities online dispensaries have is an important step in choosing the right one for your practice. Here are some things to look for when choosing an online dispensary for your integrative medical practice.

Catalog and optimized search

Healthcare practitioners have a lot to choose from when it comes to professional-grade supplements. There are many brands offering hundreds of products each available in the US alone. One of the benefits of online dispensaries is that practitioners have access to more products than they could ever carry in their offices. It is important to make sure the virtual dispensary you are choosing is an authorized reseller of these practitioner-grade brands so the quality is guaranteed. In addition, it is important to make sure the products are warehoused and shipped based on the manufacturers’ guidelines.

Because there are many products to sort through and choose from, you want to make sure the dispensary you intend to use, has optimized search functions. The ability to search by ingredient, supplement type, and brand while also having the option to save your favorite products is critical. The ‘smart search’ options allow you to successfully filter through the thousands of products being offered and find the best one for any patient. As an example, if you search for a liquid Vitamin D at a specific IU, you want to be able to find it quickly and then save it for future patient recommendations and purchases. Also, for a more complicated search such as one that must avoid certain allergens for a specific patient, an optimized search can get you results fast.

“I like to provide patients with options, and most of all I like to help them heal themselves. Fullscript’s virtual supplement dispensary gives me a bigger role in my patient’s healing journeys but still keeps them in charge.”
-Dr. Alanna Kuhn, ND

Fullscript has the industry’s leading catalog with thousands of brands and products to choose from. The Fullscript search is also very comprehensive and it allows practitioners to find the exact product they would like to recommend to their patients.

Workflow optimization for your practice

The purpose of using a virtual supplement platform is to save time and money while avoiding any compromisation to patient care. If the supplement dispensary platform you are looking into has an industry-leading on-staff development team, you can bet additional features to enhance the use of your dispensary will happen regularly. The key is being user-friendly for practitioners and patients. Look for online dispensaries with additional features like email and text message recommendations as well as seamless payment options.

As you process payments, you will have to make sure accounting practices are maintained. Some dispensaries offer accounting and sales tax support so that reporting is fast and easy. This avoids any unnecessary confusion or anxiety over missed payments. Dispensaries can also support multiple practitioners and support staff users so everything is kept in one dispensary account. Sales report tools and sales dashboards will allow you to easily assess and track the orders within your dispensary and your income from those sales. Ask if the dispensary charges sales tax and whether they remit to the states on your behalf, some dispensaries do not, which creates a lot of work and headache come tax time.

“The customer service I receive with Fullscript is outstanding! I get a cheque once a week deposited right to my checking account which is great for cash flow and all the supplements are shipped right to the patient’s home! So safe and easy!”
-Dr. Kris Sargent, DC

When you start using Fullscript you will have the option to have a margin account or choose a non-margin account. For all margin accounts, our platform supports all accounting and sales reports as well as remit sales taxes. Payment options for all patients are easy with Apple and Google Pay and get filed right away.

Patient privacy and ease of use

Patient privacy is critical when it comes to healthcare! If your online dispensary is HIPAA compliant, sending your patients personalized recommendations with refill reminders is safe. You always want to look for compliance standards in any online tools you choose. Another useful feature in an online dispensary is the ability to offer in-office and online purchasing to your patients. Patients should be able to fulfill their recommendations anywhere.

To ensure treatment plan adherence, online dispensaries also offer features like refill reminders to keep patients on track with their healthcare goals. This is something to look for in an online tool.

“The convenience for patients, with Fullscript, is huge because when they are running out of a product, they don’t need to schedule an appointment. They just order what they need, when they need it and they know the lead time. They get refill reminders – it paves a path.”
-Dr. Chris Oswald, DC

Fullscript is fully HIPAA compliant and takes patient data protection, seriously. We are a tech company at heart founded on the needs of a practitioner, so we know what practitioners need and have the power to put iterations on our software quicker than anyone. Fullscript is also accessible by both patients and practitioners from anywhere. To help patient adherence, among a variety of features, Fullscript offers refill reminders so patients can have new products ready before they run out.

EHR integrations

Do you use an EHR in your practice? You’ll want a virtual dispensing solution that integrates seamlessly with the way you already run your practice. Add supplement recommendations using templates, protocols, and catalogs without leaving the EHR. To ensure you avoid confusion and duplication of data, integrations with any online tool are important to consider.
You’ll likely find it useful to be able to use your existing software workflow to send recommendations directly to Fullscript for the most user-friendly experience.

“As a nutrition professional, my clients turn to me to recommend the right supplements for them. Fullscript allows me to search and save my favorite products. Now with EHR integrations, I can easily share and monitor every client’s recommendation right in my EHR platform. It’s a win-win for my business and my clients!”
-Stefanie Mendez, RD

Fullscript’s EHR integrations make integrative care as seamless as possible by allowing practitioners to recommend supplements through their existing EHR software. Recommend products from the Fullscript catalog as well as use any saved templates and protocols without leaving the EHR.

Customer support

As with any business, questions and issues will inevitably come up. If you are directing your patients to purchase their supplements through your virtual dispensary, make sure the software you are using has a responsive customer support team. You will not want to spend your between patient care hours facilitating orders or answering shipping questions.

The Fullscript support team is here to ensure that both you and your patient’s experience is a positive one. With phone, email, and live chat support, our team will make sure that if a patient needs help, they’ll be well taken care of.

Education and other resources

You want your dispensary to be so much more than just a portal for patients to order. For practitioners, it is always helpful to receive tips on how they can optimize their dispensary and practice. You want to know that you’re supported throughout the onboarding process with a personal representative who can help you with getting started and also help with growing your practice.

As a practitioner, you may be looking at all the resources and extra programs an online tool is offering. Helping you get information about current research and industry trends, as well as any relevant health information. A great way to identify if an online dispensary offers additional support is to see if they have medical professionals on staff. You can also look at content and resources on a company’s website to help inform your decision.

Fullscript connects practitioners with a personal specialist as soon as they sign up and provides a completely customized onboarding experience, depending on the needs of the practitioner. Plus, we provide content to keep you up to date and always evolving your standard of care.

Fullscript offers programs, such as support for patient wellness education. Fullscript’s Integrative Medical Advisory team curates evidence-based content, including protocols for specific conditions, available to all practitioners. We’re so much more than just a supplement dispensary.

Practitioner approved reviews

Before you settle on and online tool, it is important to talk to colleagues and experts to ask what they would recommend as an online dispensary to use. They might have already done the research and can, through experience, provide guidance on which software to use. You will learn what other practitioners like and don’t like about specific supplement dispensary platforms. You can then use this first-hand knowledge to help you choose the platform that is best for your practice’s needs.

“For physicians with a busy practice, efficiency is everything. Fullscript gets it, and makes patient adherence much easier.”
-Dr. Geo Espinosa, ND

With tens of thousands of practitioners using Fullscript in their practice, all over North America, chances are one of your colleagues already uses Fullscript in their practice. Ask them how we’ve been able to help them and why their patients love using Fullscript!

The bottom line

Choosing the right online supplement dispensing platform can be a bonus for your practice. If chosen wisely, your online dispensary can help with cost and time effective strategies. Instead of managing multiple manufacturer relationships, inventory or mailing out phoned-in orders, tap into the free and virtual world on personalized online dispensaries for practitioners. Making the right choice with an online dispensary is key. Choose the one that will not just help you fulfill patient orders, but empower you as a practitioner and help grow your practice into all that it can be. Fullscript is different and can help you really boost your practice growth while ensuring the utmost patient care.

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