Fullscript vs Other Dispensaries

Know what to look for when choosing an online supplement tool

Choosing the right tool for your practice can be a challenge. We want to share why you should complement your practice with Fullscript and help you compare Fullscript vs Other Dispensaries. Fullscript is your trusted online dispensary with more benefits and functions to offer, to streamline your practice and keep your patients coming back to your practice for their refills or other purchases. Learn how Fullscript is different from other options, and see how Fullscript hs become practitioners’ favorite online dispensaries.

Fullscript has the best solution for all practitioners and is favored over other dispensaries.

If you have been practicing functional medicine or integrative healthcare for some time, you are likely familiar with having to operate an in-office supplement pharmacy. As many of you know, this in-office vitamin and supplement store includes unique products that practitioners such as Naturopathic Doctors and Functional Medicine MDs have sourced that may improve the health of their patients. These products are not typically found in local neighborhood pharmacies.

I like to provide patients with options, and most of all I like to help them heal themselves. Fullscript’s virtual supplement dispensary gives me a bigger role in my patient’s healing journeys but still keeps them in charge.
-Dr. Alanna Kuhn, ND [Fullscript Practitioner Since 2013]

Having a variety of quality products specifically formulated for certain conditions is extremely useful for practitioners to have on hand, however, managing this in-house dispensary can be very costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, advancements with online supplement dispensaries for practitioners allow busy healthcare providers to simplify their dispensing needs so they can spend more time and energy on patient care. Fullscript has the best solution for all practitioners and is favored over other dispensaries.

laptop showing the Fullscript platform with three people in the background chatting

Fullscript is your trusted online dispensary with more benefits and functions to offer, to streamline your practice and keep your patients coming back to your practice for their refills or other purchases.

Here are some things to look for when choosing an online dispensary for your medical practice:

  • Catalog and Optimized Search – Healthcare practitioners have a lot to choose from when it comes to professional grade supplements. There are many brands offering hundreds of products each available in the US alone. One of the benefits of online dispensaries is that practitioners have access to more products than they could ever carry in their offices. It is important to make sure the virtual dispensary you are choosing is an authorized reseller of these practitioner grade brands. In addition, it is important to make sure the products are warehoused and shipped based on the manufacturers’ guidelines. Because there are many products to sort through and choose from, you want to make sure the dispensary you intend to use has optimized search functions. The ability to search by ingredient, supplement type, and brand and to save your favorite products are critical to you successfully filtering through the thousands of products being offered. For example, if you search for a liquid Vitamin D at a specific IU you want to be able to find it quickly and then save it for future patient recommendations and purchases. Also, for a more complicated search such as a specific herb, you do not want to spend hours sifting through products to find exactly what you want again and again.
  • Streamlined workflow for your medical practice – The purpose of using a virtual nutraceutical platform is to save you time and money in your practice and to help your patients effortlessly purchase the high-quality supplements you would like them to purchase. If the supplement dispensary platform you are looking into has an on staff development team, you can bet additional features to enhance the use of your dispensary will happen regularly. Make sure the dispensary offers tools to make accounting easy and allows for multiple practitioners and support staff users. Sales report tools and sales dashboards will allow you to easily assess and track the orders within your dispensary and your income from those sales. Ask if the dispensary charges sales tax and whether they remit to the states on your behalf, some dispensaries do not, which creates a lot of work and headache come tax time.
  • Patient privacy and ease of use – Patient privacy is critical when it comes to healthcare. If your online dispensary is HIPAA compliant, sending your patients personalized recommendations with refill reminders, may be a useful choice. Your patient will have an easier time finding and purchasing the quality grade supplements while in your office or within the comfort of their own home. Especially useful for distance and maintenance patients.
  • Customer Support – As with any business, questions and issues will inevitably come up. If you are directing your patients to purchase their nutraceuticals through your virtual dispensary, make sure they have a responsive customer support team. You will not want to spend your between patient care hours facilitating orders or answering shipping questions.
  • Ask your colleagues – Lastly and probably most importantly is to talk with your colleagues about the virtual dispensary they use. You will learn what other practitioners like and don’t like about the nutraceutical dispensary platforms available. You can then use this first-hand knowledge to help you choose the platform that is best for your practice’s needs.

Choosing the right online nutraceutical dispensing platform can be a bonus for your practice. Understanding how Fullscript is different from other dispensaries, can help you choose the best solution. If chosen wisely, your online dispensary can be seen as an inexpensive virtual employee and an extension of your practice. Instead of managing multiple manufacturer relationships, inventory or mailing out phoned-in orders, tap into the free and virtual world on personalized online nutraceutical dispensaries for practitioners.