Last year was a busy one for the Fullscript community. In 2021, over 1 million new patients were added to the platform, over 11 million supplements and wellness products were ordered, almost 1.5 million treatment plans were sent, and around 6,400 tons of carbon emissions were offset as part of our second year of carbon neutrality.

We’d like to give a huge shoutout to Fullscript’s dedicated practitioners (and their patients) for all of your hard work and support!

If you’re interested in learning how to get more out of your Fullscript account or interested in joining our passionate community, explore our top product releases from the last 365 days that have improved support for practitioners and their patients.

Table of contents

  1. New treatment adherence tools
  2. Better catalog search
  3. More complete treatment plans
  4. Patient management
  5. New Fullscript integrations (lab testing, EHRs, blood chemistry, more)
Your Year in Wellness on Fullscript
Have a look back at the wellness you and the Fullscript community spread in 2021.
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New treatment adherence tools

1. Insights dashboard

The Insights dashboard helps practitioners track treatment adherence by providing data on patient account activations, orders, and reorders. You can use it to pinpoint unfulfilled treatment plans or reorders, then intervene instantly by resending recommendations or sending refill reminders via text — all from the same dashboard.

insights dashboard

With a simple data visualization and filter system, it’s easy to monitor and measure the effectiveness of adherence strategies and adjust care on the fly.

The Insights dashboard will continue to evolve into a robust, secure source of information to help practitioners take control of adherence on Fullscript and beyond.

Find it today in the “Recommendations” or “Prescriptions” drop-down menu.

Did you know? Fullscript-led patient promotions are a low-effort way to help address one of the top barriers to treatment adherence: cost of care.

2. Adherence surveys

Also available in the Insights dashboard are new Adherence surveys. This tool backs up quantitative data in the Insights dashboard with qualitative feedback from patients who have been non-adherent for more than one week.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Patients who haven’t ordered from your treatment plan will receive an automated email with a short survey after seven days.
  2. The survey asks them to provide feedback around why they haven’t ordered or to indicate if they still plan to.
  3. That feedback is sent back to you to decide if, when, and how to intervene or adjust future recommendations.

3. On-site Rx

On-site Rx helps you create an in-office workflow that maximizes refills. It turns Fullscript into a complete treatment plan and adherence tool to capture more refills in your in-office workflow.

How to use the On-site Rx feature gif
No disruption to your workflow when using On-site Rx!

Simply write a patient’s first recommendation using the treatment plan tool and select the On-site Rx toggle to mark the order as filled on-site. When they’re ready to refill, your patients can order their products online any time, from anywhere.

Practitioners get the immediate benefits of dispensing in-office combined with the convenience of virtual dispensing. Both work together to strengthen treatment adherence with speed and virtual features like refill reminders, patient handouts, autoship, and more.

Help change patient behavior! Add breakthrough research and strategies to your toolkit.

Explore adherence resources
Your Year in Wellness on Fullscript
Have a look back at the wellness you and the Fullscript community spread in 2021.
See your 2021 stats

Better catalog search

1. Corrective, predictive, and description search

Finding products quickly to populate a treatment plan is fundamental to any practitioner’s workflow. Not only that, but if your catalog is open to patients, they’ll expect a great experience!

Inefficient technology shouldn’t be a barrier to wellness, which is why we’ve made big improvements to our search experience. Here’s how:

  • With corrective search, users can misspell a word and still get relevant results. Example: type “tumeric,” and still get “turmeric.”
  • Predictive search lets users type part of a brand, product, or ingredient and still get a full list of relevant results.
  • Our search now scans descriptions, making it easier to yield relevant results when browsing or not knowing the product’s name.

Search is key to practitioner and patient success on Fullscript. We’re committed to continuously improving our search, making it more accurate, user-friendly, and efficient.

Did you know? The Fullscript catalog now offers consumer goods. We’ve expanded our line of products for oral support, skincare, haircare, and more. Help your patients find high-quality personal care products and other wellness categories.

2. Demographic filters

Thanks to a ton of feedback from the Fullscript community, we’ve introduced the “demographics” filtering category to our catalog. Practitioners and patients can now search for products with filters like female, children, male, senior, and prenatal.

We’re doing everything we can to make it simple to find great products in the same place you write treatment plans, provide adherence support, and order supplements.

3. Product switches and in-stock toggle

With supply chain shortages everywhere, we’ve worked proactively to ensure practitioners and their patients can still get the same or similar products they need. Two such ways are our product switch functionality and in-stock toggle.

Product switching occurs when a product is out-of-stock, and an alternative size exists. The in-stock product will automatically be shown in the catalog instead of the product that’s unavailable. For example, a 250 capsule bottle would be conditionally shown in place of an out-of-stock 500 capsule bottle. Our Engineering Team has worked closely with our team of practitioners to ensure alternative products accurately suit a patient’s needs.

Did you know? Our product swapping tool is a more hands-on approach to swapping our back-ordered products. Save time by switching out products in active treatment plans in bulk!

in-stock toggle below search bar
The in-stock toggle is now more visible being located below the search bar on every search.


The in-stock toggle is a simple switch. The in-stock filter (previously found only in the filters menu) now lives below the search bar on every search, so users can toggle in-stock products on or off without visiting the filters menu. No more sifting through out-of-stock products to find the right one for your treatment plan.

More complete treatment plans

1. In-app protocols

We’ll admit, our library of evidence-based protocols has not been easy to find. That’s why all protocols reviewed by our Integrative Medical Advisory Team now live directly in your Fullscript account. They’re available to browse and share today, each ready to be used as-is or tweaked to the needs of your patients.

Sign in to Fullscript and select “Protocols” in the first drop-down menu. Switch tabs to “Fullscript protocols” to find medically-reviewed guides for all kinds of therapies so you can save time while promoting lifelong wellness.

Browse them in-app

2. Shareable protocols

Shareable wellness protocols were introduced in 2020 for public, general health outcomes, but we’ve made improvements since. In 2021, we added the ability for practitioners to use protocols for group visits and to share between colleagues.

Practitioners can batch-select several patients from their list—essentially creating a group—and then share a protocol with them. For this reason, the protocol can be focused on specific outcomes. This is a considerable benefit as it supports group visits and online course models, a trending movement within modern healthcare.

The colleague sharing upgrade lets both new and established practitioners in a clinic reach more patients faster. Whether you’re established in healthcare or new, sharing protocols with colleagues can help reduce duplication of work, ensure consistent care for patients, and drive up orders for the overall clinic.

3. Resource library and content attachments

Just like protocols, our Integrative Medical Advisory Team’s evidence-based patient handouts are now seamlessly integrated into your Fullscript account. They can be found in the new Resource library, housing 100+ guides, handouts, and infographics for you to save and attach to your next treatment plan.

See the full library in-app

Sign in to Fullscript and select “Resource library” from the first (Recommendations or Prescriptions) drop-down menu to discover resources for your patients.

Save your resources to “My library” and visit the treatment plan tool to find them and others sorted by nutrition, lifestyle, physical activity, and more. Attach a patient handout to your next treatment plan to boost adherence and save time with your most complete treatment plan yet.

Did you know? Wellness content is sent bi-weekly to patients to improve health literacy and keep your practice top-of-mind. See what content we have planned.

Patient management

1. Patient import tool upgrades

Adding your patient list to medical software can often be tedious. Fullscript’s patient import tool allows practitioners to add patients in bulk batches to save time.

Due to feedback from many practitioners, we’ve upgraded and tested our import tool to handle bigger patient lists than before. We can now say with confidence that practitioners can upload patient lists of over 10,000 people without error!

Also, features have been added so practitioners can test their lists before uploading and are notified when their patient list has finished importing.

2. Patient search

A small but mighty upgrade. One of our most highly requested features was the ability to search for patients by more than just their email. Practitioners can now search patients by email, full address, or prefix to find the right patient easier.

New Fullscript integrations


Fullscript integrations work with the industry’s top HIPAA-compliant patient record and health platforms, allowing you to dispense high-quality supplements and wellness products from the software you already use.

In 2021, we diversified our list of integrations partners, adding software for lab tests, blood chemistry analysis, and more. We also moved all of our integrations in-app, so you can explore and integrate with top software from your Fullscript account.

Explore integration partners in-app

What’s next in 2022?

So there you have it. Our platform continues to evolve beyond supplement dispensing, and the Fullscript community continues to outdo itself. It’s been an honor supporting practitioners and patients and we look forward to being an even better integrative medicine partner in 2022.

Keep an eye out for new programs and tools in the coming year to support health literacy, condition-based search, our patient experience, diagnostics, and more.

Your Year in Wellness on Fullscript
Have a look back at the wellness you and the Fullscript community spread in 2021.
See your 2021 stats

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