how to tell if supplements are fake: identifying genuine and fake supplements blog post
How to Tell if Supplements are Fake: Identifying Genuine and Fake Supplements
Learn more about how to tell if supplements are fake and what key things to look out for when identifying genuine products.
a comprehensive guide to the b vitamins blog post
A Comprehensive Guide to the B Vitamins
B vitamins or "B complex vitamins" are necessary for energy production, proper cellular function, and the maintenance of cells and tissues.
integrative medicine for mental health blog post
Integrative Medicine for Mental Health
Integrative medicine for mental health takes a whole-body approach to treating patients with mental health disorders.
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Finding Safe Supplements: What You Need to Know About Dietary Supplement Safety
Learn the basics of finding, purchasing, and recommending safe supplements and discover tips for keeping yourself and your patients safe.
do supplements work?: the scientific evidence of dietary supplements blog post
Do Supplements Work?: The Scientific Evidence of Dietary Supplements
People often take dietary supplements to address nutrient gaps in their diets, but do supplements actually work? Read on to learn about the current research!
understanding dietary supplement forms: from softgel to tincture and more! blog post
Understanding Dietary Supplement Forms: From Softgel to Tincture and More!
There are so many supplement forms available to choose from other than capsules & tablets: tinctures, liquids, powders, gummies, topical creams & more.
what you need to know about third-party certification supplements blog post
What You Need to Know About Third-party Certification Supplements
Learn more about third-party certifications and the most common certifications you may encounter when shopping for third-party certification supplements.
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How to Get Rid of Candida: Diet and Supplements to Help Alleviate Candida Symptoms
Wondering how to get rid of Candida? Keep reading to learn more about Candida overgrowth and how diet and supplements may help alleviate Candida symptoms.
dietary supplement quality: research, procedures, and certifications blog post
Dietary Supplement Quality: Research, Procedures, and Certifications
Learn how to evaluate and choose products that meet the highest dietary supplement quality standards.