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why use supplements?: using integrative medicine supplements to deliver effective patient care blog post
Why Use Supplements?: Using Integrative Medicine Supplements to Deliver Effective Patient Care
Integrative and functional medicine practitioners often incorporate health supplements to support integrated healthcare.
what is integrative medicine?: the past, present, and future blog post
What is Integrative Medicine?: The Past, Present, and Future
Integrative medicine is an approach that combines the best methods from conventional medicine with complementary medicines and therapies.
is integrative medicine covered by insurance? blog post
Is Integrative Medicine Covered by Insurance?
Among the many types of CAM therapies, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and therapeutic massage are often the only treatments that are covered.

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what is direct primary care? and is it for you? blog post
What is Direct Primary Care? And is it for You?
The direct primary care model is when the patient pays the physician directly for a defined set of primary care services via a flat monthly or annual fee.
excipients: understanding additional ingredients blog post
Excipients: Understanding Additional Ingredients
If you look at the list of ingredients on your supplement bottles, you’ll notice there’s a section called “additional” ingredients, also known as excipients.
the side effects of herbs and supplements: what you need to know blog post
The Side Effects of Herbs and Supplements: What You Need to Know
Although most side effects of herbs and supplements are typically mild, drug interactions can sometimes be serious or even life-threatening.