Are you ready to make an IMPACT?

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What if you were given the opportunity to truly bring your practice to a place of success? Of growth? Of IMPACT?

Well, we have an opportunity for you.

Join us at Impact LIVEs, an epic 3-day event where you can have the chance receive real-time coaching from our Fullscript Impact Panel. This team of business experts will be hearing from 3 of you.

By application,  3 finalists will be selected to present live on stage at IMPACT LIVEs. One of these finalists will be selected by the panel to receive complimentary access to the new Clinician Business Lab Mastermind, The Clinician Code.

The value of this prize is $10,000

To be eligible, you must purchase your ticket to the event, then complete the application below to showcase your business and your vision. As a Fullscript Practitioner you can receive 15% off your event ticket with code IMPACTLIVESFS15Deadline for applications is September 24th 2018.

About Impact LIVEs

IMPACT LIVEs is an event for visionary clinicians and practitioners who work 1:1 with clients. Traditional online models are not possible for many clinicians and it is our mission to support these practitioners with novel tactics, strategic concepts and operational ideas that evolve big thinkers towards IMPACTFULful models of care and business.

IMPACT LIVEs was conceived by fellow practitioner and industry leader, Dr. Meghan Walker ND and her team at Clinician Business Labs.

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