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why use supplements?: using integrative medicine supplements to deliver effective patient care blog post
Why Use Supplements?: Using Integrative Medicine Supplements to Deliver Effective Patient Care Integrative and functional medicine practitioners often incorporate health supplements to support integrated healthcare.
what is integrative medicine?: the past, present, and future blog post
What is Integrative Medicine?: The Past, Present, and Future Integrative medicine is an approach that combines the best methods from conventional medicine with complementary medicines and therapies.
is integrative medicine covered by insurance? blog post
Is Integrative Medicine Covered by Insurance? Among the many types of CAM therapies, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and therapeutic massage are often the only treatments that are covered.

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common lab tests that are used in clinical practice blog post
Common Lab Tests That Are Used in Clinical Practice Common lab tests evaluate samples of blood, urine, or body tissues by assigning a value range to determine if there is an issue that needs to be addressed.
dietary supplement quality assurance at fullscript: new supplement brands & product handling blog post
Dietary Supplement Quality Assurance at Fullscript: New Supplement Brands & Product Handling The focus on quality starts from brand selections for our catalog and does not end until the recommended product gets delivered to your patients.
your body needs more fiber: understand the health benefits blog post
Your Body Needs More Fiber: Understand The Health Benefits Learn about the role of dietary fiber and its important health benefits, as well as how to get more fiber in your diet.