The future of medicine is integrative. Watch our short documentary, as seen on CBS News.
preparing for childbirth blog post
Preparing for Childbirth
Preparing for childbirth can be overwhelming and scary. Follow these 7 steps to manage stress and prepare both mentally and physically for childbirth.
4 common nutrient deficiencies in men’s health blog post
4 Common Nutrient Deficiencies in Men’s Health
If you’re a man looking to improve your health—and maintain it for years to come—you should pay attention to your intake of these key nutrients.
encouraging healthy eating habits for children blog post
Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits for Children
The Standard American Diet (SAD) is a modern dietary pattern afflicting American adults and children across the United States.
nutrient requirements for infants blog post
Nutrient Requirements for Infants
Learn more about nutrient requirements for infants and how to build healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.
sleep hygiene checklist: 6 tips and supplements for healthy sleep blog post
Sleep Hygiene Checklist: 6 Tips and Supplements for Healthy Sleep
Explore the best sleep hygiene tips, sleep hygiene checklist, and supplement ingredients to support sleep quality.
the hpa axis and stress management: an introduction blog post
The HPA Axis and Stress Management: An Introduction
The HPA axis involves the interaction between the hypothalamus, the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, and adrenal glands.
health benefits of bilberry: eye, skin, and more blog post
Health Benefits of Bilberry: Eye, Skin, and More
Learn about the health benefits of bilberry and how it may support improved vision and more.
how does antibiotic resistance develop, and how can you prevent it? blog post
How Does Antibiotic Resistance Develop, and How Can You Prevent it?
Learn more about how antibiotic resistance develops and the relationship between antibiotics and human health.
supplements for eye health blog post
Supplements for Eye Health
Learn how you can improve eye health and reduce the risk of eye disease through the use of nutritional eye health supplements.