A record number of practitioners are leaving the healthcare field. In fact, almost 10% of the medical practices in the US closed last year. With the combination of stressors from within healthcare (i.e. dwindling insurance payments) and from outside factors like lockdowns and hyper-inflation, practitioners without a solid business foundation to their practice will continue to struggle with stress, burnout, and financial woes.

In his presentation, Freedom Practice Coaching’s founder, Dr. Charles Webb will offer a solution to the problem facing so many practitioners today: a calamity-proof business model. When practitioners create a practice that helps patients see their health as an essential destination rather than an optional service, they build a solid business foundation that can weather whatever is happening in the outside world–from pandemics to economic uncertainty.

Dr. Webb will focus on four key steps that practitioners can take now to strengthen their business, including:

  • Pre-educating potential patients
  • Attracting ideal patients
  • Swapping fee-for-service treatment for customized programs
  • Embracing a new mindset

After building several practices in the insurance, fee for service model, Dr. Webb made the decision to sell his business and walk-away. Although he had found financial success, he missed out on life and believed that that model is outdated and built to hold both the doctor and the patient hostage.

Since 2012, Dr. Charles Webb and his team have been educating health care providers in a different practice model; one that empowers their patients to create health rather than manage disease. The Freedom Practice Coaching model redefines the doctor/patient relationship to a uniquely customized mentor/client experience.

Dr. Webb’s teaching methods have empowered hundreds of doctors, and other healthcare providers to step out of the system and adopt a model proven to provide a higher level of care, generate true wealth, and provide a life outside of their practice.

His proven strategies allowed him to build a better practice, a practice that allowed him to be the dad he always wanted to be and spend time with his wife and family.