Improve Patient Adherence: Tips That Work

Maintaining patient adherence is a challenge most practitioners face. Technology and digital tools can help improve patient adherence, so it’s beneficial for both practitioners, and patients.

Consider this— you’re following up with a patient and want to review their progress, but it turns out that they didn’t complete their recommended protocol. Or, they never even started it in the first place.
On the flip side – you’ve been recommended a supplement which you have to fill at a specific store. You lose the prescription with the name of the supplement and forget to call your doctor to get the information.

This happens, and we understand. There are many obstacles that make it hard for patient adherence rates to be high, in this fast-paced lifestyle we all live. Fullscript’s online supplement dispensary was engineered with these factors in mind – and we have a solution to help improve patient adherence.

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Fullscript’s online supplement dispensary has proven to increase patient adherence rates!

In this article, we explore five easy ways that practitioners can start utilizing within their practice to boost your patients’ adherence:

Personalize Patient Prescriptions

Creating a prescription for your patients makes it more likely that they’ll actually follow through with their plan. But patient prescriptions can be much more than just a list of supplements! By including details (ex. a personalized message, additional instructions, or attaching relevant files), the prescription becomes a valuable point of reference where patients can effortlessly access the details of their treatment plan and taking out the guesswork.

To learn more about How to Write Effective Prescriptions click here. Pro tip— create Protocol Templates to make personalizing prescriptions even quicker!

Unlock Advanced Refill Reminders

When you enter the advanced dosage instructions and duration for each product you prescribe, you’ll be setting your patients up with Advanced Refill Reminders! These advanced dosage instructions allow Fullscript to intelligently calculate how long the patient’s supply will last before they need to reorder. Fullscript then sends an aptly timed email to your patient, reminding them how to refill through your dispensary, when they need it!

To learn more about Advanced Refill Reminders click here.

Encourage Autoshipments

Do you have patients that need to reorder the same supplements on a regular basis to maintain their protocol? Then why not let them know about our Autoshipment feature? Autoshipments are product subscriptions for patients, allowing them to receive the products they need on a schedule of their choosing – or of your recommendation. This saves patients from having to manually reorder every time. With Autoshipments, your patients won’t forget to refill— talk about hassle-free!

Learn more about Autoship here.

Utilize In-Office Checkout

Sometimes things can get put on the back burner unless they’re handled right away. Completing your patients’ orders with them through In-Office Checkout means that they won’t procrastinate when it comes to placing their orders. It only takes a few extra clicks to ensure that your patients’ orders are placed on the spot. To try it out, simply click ‘Send & Place Order’ when you’re ready to send off your next prescription. This is also something office staff can easily take care of!

Customize Favorites in Product Catalog

By giving your patients access to your ‘Favorite Categories’ you can guide them towards the products you recommend! If your catalog permissions are set to ‘Full Product Catalog’ or ‘Only my Product Catalog’ your patients can browse the categories you’ve created– helping them order with confidence when shopping for products outside of a prescription. You’ll have a record of anything they order, to track their adherence and help you, help them!


These are just a few ways patient adherence can be improved. It takes attentiveness and consistency to help practitioners dispense wellness. To learn more about how to get started on Fullscript, click here.

Do you have questions, or want to share your own tips for enhancing patient adherence? We’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts in the comments section below!