a functional medicine approach to anti-aging blog post
A Functional Medicine Approach to Anti-Aging
Join Dr. Dan Kalish as he takes you through his approach to anti-aging, and understand the two leading triggers of aging: oxidative stress and inflammation.
fasting & autophagy blog post
Fasting & Autophagy
With Dr. Pompa’s Multi-Therapeutic approach, you will utilize tools to reach the ultimate state of autophagy, which is when your body rids itself of bad cells and DNA. Your stem cells surge, you experience brain clarity, and your body uses its excess energy for healing.
supplements to support prostate cancer blog post
Supplements to Support Prostate Cancer
Understand how to use complementary dietary supplements for males patients with low-grade prostate cancer to more advanced stages.
better women’s nutrition from a-z with ashley koff, rd blog post
Better Women’s Nutrition From A-Z With Ashley Koff, RD
Learn from Ashley Koff, RD how to easily assess each nutrient and provide doable recommendations to upgrade your patient’s intake of them.
building an ultra successful practice – what they didn’t teach you in school blog post
Building an Ultra Successful Practice – What They Didn’t Teach you in School
Learn from Dr. Peter Osborne the quickest way to grow your practice, how to attract the right patients and how to create an environment of compliance for your patients in this informative webinar.
the truth about adrenal fatigue with dr. aviva romm, md blog post
The Truth About Adrenal Fatigue with Dr. Aviva Romm, MD
Take a deep dive into the world of adrenal health, and what you can do to help patients fortify their lives and adrenals back to wellness.
gut to brain axis in health and disease blog post
Gut to Brain Axis in Health and Disease
The brain is the most nutrient-dependent, energy-dependent, and stress-vulnerable organ in the body. Learn how to support gut-to-brain health now!
cbd case studies blog post
CBD Case Studies
In this need-to-know clinical Q&A, Dr. Aimée Shunney will share 3 case studies from her practice focusing on CBD use for anxiety and depression.
breast cancer: thriving through treatment blog post
Breast Cancer: Thriving Through Treatment
There are predictable side effects caused by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy. Many of these side effects are affected or directly caused by specific nutrient deficiencies. Listen as Dr. Lisa Price and Dr. Holly Lucille discuss how practitioners can safely help their cancer patients get through treatment with decreased morbidities.