Elemental Diet in practice


An elemental diet is a diet consisting of pre-digested or elemental nutrients including amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals, fat, and sugars or simple carbohydrates. It is often used to promote healing and nutritional recovery in individuals with an impaired ability to digest, absorb, or metabolize ordinary foods or nutrients.

Join Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, ND as she teams up with Dr. Alex Keller, ND, and the people at Integrative Therapeutics to bring you an introductory-level webinar on the clinical applications of the Elemental Diet.

You’ll learn:

  • An overview and history of the Elemental Diet
  • The evidence-based clinical applications of the Elemental Diet
  • Steps to implementing the Elemental Diet with your patients
  • Case studies & more

Additional material

  1. The Elemental Diet: Clinical Applications and Protocols E-Book
  2. 3 Phase Approach to Elemental Diets
  3. The Elemental Diet: Clinical Applications
  4. The Elemental Diet in Practice – Webinar Questions and Answers


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