Catalog Updates (CA) – August 2023

Catalog Updates Canada April 2022

Brand name Product name NFH Melatonin SAP Cyto-Matrix Muscle Matrix Powder – Pineapple Smart Solutions Vaginal Probiotic Bioclinic Naturals NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) 150mg 60c SISU Calcium & D3 Gummies 100 gummies St. Francis Herb Farm ACV Bitters Spray Trophic Herbal Laxative 180t SURO Kids Night Time Trophic Krill Oil (Neptune) 60c Biomed Professional GI Formula… Read more »

Catalog Updates (US) – August 2023

Catalog Updates Jan 2023

Discover the new products and brands in our catalog — available now for wholesale ordering and virtual dispensing. New Brands Based in Los Angeles, Amen was founded to help people live a better life through nutritional supplements. The quality of their ingredients and their large selection of unique formulas help Amen contribute to the well-being… Read more »

Taking Action When Patients Have Pain

Pain being a very common complaint, has many underlying causes. While working with patients on the physical aspects of pain it can be extremely beneficial to support them with nutritional supplements that not only decrease the pain level but lower inflammation and speed up the healing process. Cindy Howard will cover key ingredients to support your patients experiencing pain.