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SEO For Practitioners: The Importance Of Blogging And On-Page SEO

As a practitioner, having an online presence is important for practice growth. Learn more about blogging, on-page SEO and technical aspect of the web.

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A New Clinician’s Perspective On Work-life Balance

After starting a private practice, Dr. Andrew Krause, ND realized that a new balanced lifestyle was needed to help him be successful in providing care to his patients and in focusing on his family.

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Improve Patient Adherence: Tips That Work

Maintaining patient adherence is a challenge most practitioners face. Technology and digital tools can help improve patient adherence, so it’s beneficial for both practitioners, and patients.

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5 Ways to Minimize Conflict of Interest When Prescribing Supplements

Dietary supplements can be very valuable for patient care, however there may be conflicting factors that arise when prescribing to patients.

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5 Ways to Improve Treatment Plan Compliance

Patient compliance is an important part of any therapeutic relationship and understanding how to improve the chance that patients follow through on your recommendations can be an easy way to improve patient outcomes.

Here’s The Data - Prescriptions Improve Your Practice

Here’s The Data – Prescriptions Improve Your Practice

Creating a personalized treatment plan can be a bit more time-consuming than a self-serve model, so is it worth it?

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How to Write Effective Prescriptions

There is no doubt the Fullscript Virtual Prescription is a powerful tool. All of our successful practitioners use it and patient adherence is improved by 70% compared to a traditional online dispensary.

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In-Office Dispensary Case Study: Dr. Franne Berez, ND, MD

The In-Office Dispensary was created from the feedback we received from our practitioners, who wanted a tool that allows them to place orders for patients.

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Practitioner Spotlight: Kia Sanford, MS

My clients are my most important mentors. I know that sounds trite but it’s true.