woman looking at her calendar on computer screen while holding a phone

Transitioning Your Patients to a Virtual Practice

With the popularity of smartphones and video chat, many of your patients may already be familiar with the basic functions needed to enable virtual care visits.

woman sitting holding a white mug looking at her phone in her living room

An Essential Guide to Digital Marketing for Healthcare Practitioners

Implementing digital marketing techniques can help adapt your practice to the ever-changing future and reach more patients in cost-effective ways.

patient on a video chat with doctor from her home

Virtual Practice Tips: How to Improve Patient Adherence

Using digital tools, including a virtual dispensary like Fullscript, can positively impact patient adherence while you're running a virtual practice.

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30+ Wellness Apps Recommended by Healthcare Practitioners

We asked Fullscript practitioners to give us their go-to recommendations for apps that keep themselves and their patients healthy.

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How to Prepare for a Lockdown: Resource for Practitioners

Find tips in this article to help prepare health facilities, staff, and patients with continuing a physical practice while transitioning to telehealth.

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Taking Your Practice Virtual With a Fullscript-EHR Integration

Instantly take your practice virtual and offer a seamless, empowering experience for patients by using an EHR integration with your Fullscript account.

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How to Talk to Your Patients About a Health Crisis

Empower your patients by communicating how they can protect themselves and others, with timely and accurate information about the current global situation.

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Participatory Care: How Group Visits Are Essential to Its Growing Popularity

Running group visits in your practice can give your patients more agency in navigating their health journeys, and help you harness the power of community.

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2020 Supplement Trends: 12 Products And Trends To Watch

Industry trends expected to be seen in 2020 include transparency, sustainability, naturally-sourced supplements, and plant-based products.