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Practitioner Case Study: Using a Virtual Dispensary for Chiropractic Care

With healthcare shifting towards telemedicine, Fullscript’s platform can help chiropractors optimize patient’s health journeys outside of office hours.

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6 Important Ways Chiropractors Benefit From Using Fullscript

Provide the best patient care through high-quality supplements, convenience, and fast shipping, while also growing your chiropractic practice, with tools and resources to move online, with Fullscript!

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28 Integrative Practitioners Share Their Advice About Self-isolation for Patients

Expert advice confirms that staying active, spending virtual time with family, focusing on mental health, and eating well, are priorities during self-isolation.

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Telehealth Tips: How to Set up and Run Virtual Appointments

As of 2017, 76% of hospitals in the U.S. utilize video conferences and other virtual care technologies to connect with patients remotely.

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Ten Tips to Increase Productivity and Improve Health When You Work From Home

Work-life balance will vary for each individual, but specific tips can help increase productivity and improve well-being when working from home.

EHRs can be a great tool for practitioners who want to transition their practice to a virtual practice. They offer a variety of tools to satisfy each practitioner’s needs.

Setting up a Virtual Practice: How to Get Started and Benefits

Extending the office across the virtual world is important to allow practitioners to continue to provide care and connect with patients in a meaningful way.

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Transitioning Your Patients to Telehealth

With the popularity of smartphones and video chat, many of your patients may already be familiar with the basic functions needed to enable virtual care visits.

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An Essential Guide to Digital Marketing for Healthcare Practitioners

Implementing digital marketing techniques can help adapt your practice to the ever-changing future and reach more patients in cost-effective ways.

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Telehealth Tips: How to Improve Patient Adherence

Using digital tools, including a virtual dispensary like Fullscript, can positively impact patient adherence while you're running a virtual practice.