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2020 Supplement Trends: 12 Products And Trends To Watch

Industry trends expected to be seen in 2020 include transparency, sustainability, naturally-sourced supplements, and plant-based products.

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New Medical Technology: 7 Essential Healthcare Technologies Every Practitioner Should Implement

Healthcare technologies help optimize your efficiency, boost patient engagement and professional reputation, and help grow your practice.

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How To Optimize Your Practice With Integrative Medicine Protocols

Evidence-based protocols are not intended to dictate treatments, but rather to serve as a launchpad for patient care.

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5 Tips for Practitioners When Creating and Promoting Medical Online Courses For Patients

By making online medical courses designed to inspire, educate and support your patients towards achieving their health goals, you can grow your practice.

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Chiropractic Medicine: How a Chiropractor Helps with Health

A chiropractor or doctor of chiropractic is a healthcare professional who focuses on the muscles and skeleton and uses hands-on therapies to promote health.

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Why Medical Podcasts Should Be Part of Every Practitioner’s Daily Routine

We’ve outlined 9 ways of listening to podcasts that are especially beneficial for all healthcare providers.

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How To Use Patient Avatars To Help Define Your Target Audience

In overall marketing, focusing on defining a target audience and a patient avatar is essential for medical practice growth.

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Get Creative With These Integrative Health Practice Marketing Ideas

Whether you’re focused on patient acquisition or trying to grow your private practice, a creative and integrative marketing strategy is key to your success.

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How Naturopathic Medicine Works & How It Could Help You

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct type of primary health care that concentrates on whole-patient wellness.