As we release brand-new shareable protocol functionality, we followed-up with our practitioners who have been using this tool since it was first released to see how it’s impacted their patients and practices.

Last year, Fullscript released shareable wellness protocols, a new way for practitioners to spread wellness further — in a fraction of the time. Fullscript practitioners can write a general health protocol, and with a click, make it available to all of their patients at once. The platform generates a link to that protocol, which practitioners can share publicly — for example, on their website, or in emails to their patients — not only driving existing patients in to self-serve from the protocol’s recommended products, but also attracting new patients to the practitioner’s dispensary!

As we continue to iterate on shareable protocols and add new features and functionality, we followed-up with some of our practitioners to see what kind of results they’ve been seeing. Practitioners who use this tool to offer one-to-many care have said it’s saved them time, helped them generate extra revenue, and has been a real “game-changer” for their practice.


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Use shareable protocols to support group visits, attract new patients, and let existing ones self-serve!


Increased patient engagement and sign-ups

Melissa Groves, RDN, LD, is a registered dietitian specializing in PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), infertility, and other hormone imbalances. The first time she used a shareable wellness protocol, Melissa saw:

  • Her active clients increase by 528%
  • 4x her average orders
  • A 377% increase in MSRP

“Being able to share my protocols on Fullscript has been a game-changer! When people sign up through my link, they get access to my recommendations, which has increased both sign-ups and orders. With just one email, my active clients went from 57 to 301, and orders and sales saw a bump as well.” — Melissa Groves

Shareable wellness protocols are a seamless way of promoting your practice to new and existing patients. Including thoughtful and timely protocols in your private and publicized communications can motivate your patients and encourage new ones to become clients.

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Improved access to wellness

Dr. Elana Roumell, ND, is the creator of Med School for Moms and founder of Nourish Medical Center in San Diego, CA. She’s used shareable wellness protocols in several ways, including to support a few promotions.

Recently, she used a shareable wellness protocol to promote a two-day sale, which brought in 130 new accounts!

“One of the main goals in my business is to make life easier for moms, and one confusing and overwhelming issue moms face is questioning which supplements to buy. Liz [a Fullscript representative] helped set up the protocols, brainstormed ways to craft the message, and cheered me on as we saw sales rapidly climb to over double my monthly average — making the entire process both fun and well worth doing again! This process helps increase revenue sales while providing a service to my community that ultimately makes their life easier.” — Dr. Elana Roumell, ND’

Dr. Sara Jean Barrett, ND, is the co-founder of Wellness Minneapolis. She used shareable wellness protocols on Fullscript to create a winter wellness toolkit, and sent the link out in her regular newsletter. This gave all of her clients easy access to a timely and seasonal protocol to help them stay well. “This worked well,” she said, noting that they saw a significant increase in new patient sign ups as a direct result of sharing the protocol. “We are in the process of creating a similar protocol for Spring, Summer, and Fall.”

Practitioners and patients all benefit when general health-focused protocols are shared more widely. While practitioners experience a boost in orders, patients get easier access to helpful recommendations, top-quality products, and the convenience of having supplements shipped quickly right to their doorsteps, so they can start the protocol while they’re feeling motivated and engaged!

Streamlined workflow

Dr. David Morcom, PharmD, is a functional medicine practitioner who aims to understand each patient as a whole and their condition at its root. He balances many specialties, and as a result, many treatments — which can make his workflow complicated. Shareable wellness protocols have enabled his patients to self-serve, saving him hours each week.

Shareable wellness protocols are what I’ve been waiting for to take my business to a new level. I love that I can create protocols that are visible to all my patients that address a variety of common issues that arise in their healing process. Further, the ability to share these protocols on my website, blogs, and social media is what is even more exciting! This allows me to reach a whole new population of potential patients to support more people with their health and to create a profitable business model of passive income for the future!” — Dr. David Morcom, PharmD

Shareable wellness protocols remove repetition from the recommendation process. Practitioners who have standardized treatment plans can help patients self-serve, leaving them more time to focus on patients who need individualized, acute care.

Getting started is easy too

If you’re a practitioner interested in saving time, growing your practice, engaging your patients, and improving access to wellness, consider shareable wellness protocols from Fullscript.

For Fullscript users, sharing wellness protocols are an easy three-step process. For practitioners not on Fullscript, signing up is easy, too — and 100% free. It may be what your practice needs to take patient care to the next level. Plus, we’ve recently added more ways to use shareable protocols! You can now create more specific recommendations, and batch-send them to multiple, select patients at once. This is a great way to support group visits!

We’ve also made it easy for those in a multi-practitioner Fullscript dispensary to send protocols to their colleagues without leaving the platform. This is a great way to share expertise, reduce duplication of work, ensure patients are receiving consistent care, and help the clinic see an overall increase in patient engagement and orders!

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