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New Product Feature: Share Your Protocols With Anyone — Instantly!

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Spread wellness to more patients and attract new ones in a few clicks! This new tool allows you to send a protocol to all of your patients, and easily promote it outside of your dispensary.

With the health crisis that’s consumed the globe in 2020, it’s not surprising that more people are seeking out ways to improve and sustain their health through more preventative measures. In the first half of this year, vitamin C sales in the U.S. went up 76% compared to the same time in 2019. Patients are taking real initiative when it comes to their wellness, and are looking for resources and products that are both reliable and affordable.

Since we closely follow the evolution of health and wellness, it was clear that we should prioritize building a feature that would help practitioners connect with more patients virtually, and empower patients to self-serve. This feature has been highly requested for some time! It allows practitioners to easily share a standard, general health-focused, protocol more widely — with all of their patients, and beyond.

Shareable wellness protocols from Fullscript

This new product feature allows a practitioner to instantly share one of their protocols with all of their patients at once. This gives more people 24/7 access to recommendations that can include instructions, attachments, and suggested supplements. The practitioner can also generate a link to that protocol, which can be shared outside of their dispensary, driving current and new patients directly to that protocol where they can self-serve.

“Shareable wellness protocols is truly the feature I’ve been waiting for to take my business to a new level. I love that I can create protocols that are visible to all my patients that address a variety of common issues that arise in their healing process. Further, the ability to share these protocols on my website, blogs, and social media is what is even more exciting! This allows me to reach a whole new population of potential patients to support more people with their health and to create a profitable business model of passive income for the future!” — Dr. David Morcom, PharmD

The ability to share with all patients and drive people directly to your protocol from outside of your dispensary has so many benefits:

  • It gives more people access to wellness recommendations and affordable products, without needing to book and pay for an appointment
  • It can help patients supplement their wellness plans with valuable lifestyle recommendations, keeping them motivated and helping to boost adherence to your treatment plans
  • It allows practitioners to help more people in less time, which they can use to book more one-on-one appointments with those who are looking for individual care
  • It’s an effortless way to boost orders and grow a practice
  • It helps practitioners market their expertise and attract new patients

Heads-up! We’re changing our terminology in the Fullscript platform. We’ve renamed “templates” to “protocols” to be aligned with more industry-standard language.

Activate shareable protocols in a few simple steps

Using shareable wellness protocols is super easy.

Watch a quick demo on this new feature. Start using it in minutes.

1. Visit the protocols page in your dispensary

Open your Fullscript dispensary and find your protocols here if you’re a U.S. practitioner, and here if you’re in Canada. You might already have a protocol created that’s suitable for any patient.

2. Create a protocol

If you want to create a protocol, click the “New protocol” button to write one from scratch. You can also upload one from our free Protocol Library, and use it as a starting point.

3. Finalize and share the protocol with patients

After you’ve saved your protocol, you can hover over it in the list view on your protocols page. The button “Share with all patients” will appear. When you click that button, you’ll be asked to confirm, and the protocol will then be made available to all of your patients. Fullscript will not notify your patients — that’s what the next step is for!

4. Share your protocol outside of your dispensary

Once you’ve shared the protocol, you’ll be given a unique link that you can copy and use outside of your dispensary to drive new and existing patients to your protocol to self-serve. There are a ton of places you can share your protocols, like emails, newsletters, blogs, private social media groups, and on your website.

Current patients will be prompted to log in, and will then be brought straight to your protocol. New patients will be asked to create a Fullscript account under your dispensary, and then will land directly on your protocol.

Once they’ve ordered, they can check out your other shareable wellness protocols, which will appear on their recommendations page. They can also browse other products if you have an open, private, or restricted catalog.

Permissions based on dispensary settings

If you’re part of a single-practitioner dispensary, the sharing process is very straightforward! You have two options: send a protocol to a single patient as a treatment plan, or click to share it with all of your patients.

However, if you’re part of a multi-practitioner dispensary, how you share these wellness protocols can vary, depending on your Global Patient Access setting and your role within the dispensary.

What is a Global Patient Access (GPA) setting? Every multi-practitioner account will have a GPA setting that is either ON or OFF. You can find this on your ‘dispensary settings’ page. When it’s ON, that means every practitioner in the dispensary has access to all of the other practitioners’ patient lists. When the setting is OFF, it means that only the store owner has access to all of the practitioners’ patient lists — sub-practitioners only have access to their own.

You can check your dispensary settings to see what type of sharing permissions you’ll have for shareable wellness protocols!

Tips and best practices

Here are some tips to consider when creating shareable wellness protocols in your Fullscript dispensary.

Keep it general

When you decide to send a protocol to all patients or generate a link to share it outside of your dispensary, it automatically becomes a wellness protocol. This means it should be geared to the average patient and focused on a common general health goal, like:

  • Better sleep
  • Cold and flu support
  • Improved digestive health
  • Weight management
  • Longevity support
  • Improved cardiovascular health

It’s all in the title

Make sure the title of your protocol is clear, outcome-focused, and easy to understand. It shouldn’t be used to make treatment claims for specific medical conditions.

For example, something like ”joint pain relief” is clear and doesn’t address a specific condition. However, “Rheumatoid arthritis treatment” would be too condition-specific for a general audience.

Be creative

Be creative with where you share your wellness protocol links! They can be used to drive your current patients to the protocol to read your recommendation, view attachments, and order. It can also attract brand-new patients to your practice — they’ll be prompted to sign up for a Fullscript account within your dispensary before they can access your recommendation and purchase products. Consider sharing and promoting your protocols in the following channels:

  • A newsletter to your patients
  • An email
  • Private social media groups — for example, a private Facebook page for your practice. However, be cautious with how you share on social media — protocols shouldn’t be linked out in a post that’s public-facing, and that anyone could read. Social media channels can have strict policies when it comes to healthcare, so only post in closed groups.
  • On a blog, or on your practice’s website
  • As a linked resource in podcast interviews or episodes

Caution around viral infections. When creating the name and the content of your protocols, there are legal guidelines around making health-related representations or claims for prevention/cures — which are especially important during a pandemic. We don’t allow protocols to be published or shared that focus specifically on the current virus. General immune support is allowed, but advertising a treatment specific to the ongoing health crisis — or anything that cannot be supported — won’t be permitted.

What about embeddable product cards?

You might already be using embeddable product cards on your website, and shareable wellness protocols work similarly — but more effectively! For starters, they’re much easier to set up, and while embeddable product cards can give the patient plenty of context around your recommendation on your site, once they click on it and are brought into your dispensary, they’re only presented with the products.

If you use a shareable wellness protocol, you can provide all the same great information and context on your channels, but when an interested patient clicks through, they’ll be presented with more than just products. They will have your instructions, encouraging messages, and helpful resources if you decide to include attachments. This can improve adherence by reinforcing the benefits at their point of purchase.

Try shareable wellness protocols now!

Shareable wellness protocols are such an exciting new product feature for both practitioners and patients, and it’s only going to get better from here! We’re already working on new user permissions and more customizable ways of sharing protocols more widely. We know our practitioners want to offer one-to-many care as well as writing direct-to-patient, personalized treatment plans.

The best part? Once you’ve written your protocol, it’s a three-click process to share with all patients and get the link you can use to promote it. And, don’t forget that you can upload a protocol from our library of evidence-based protocols and customize it to save time!

You can also browse our amazing collection of patient handouts and infographics, which can be added to your protocols as attachments to support your recommendation.

Want more info? Contact our always-friendly support staff if you have questions!

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