Protocols are a daily part of clinical care for practitioners, as they improve both clinical efficiency and efficacy. Protocols can be used as a starting point when developing treatment plans for patients, as they may be adjusted when taking into account patient allergies, diet, and lifestyle.

Since protocols are so beneficial to practitioners, Fullscript has created an evidence-based protocol library, ready to use with our online dispensary!

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Protocols are made to help both clinical efficiency and efficacy.

What are Fullscript protocols?

Fullscript’s evidence-based protocols make it easy for the practitioner to confidently create individualized treatment plans for their patients. Each protocol is researched extensively and is reviewed by a team of integrative medical professionals, so practitioners can rest assured knowing that when using Fullscript’s protocols, they’re providing their patients with the best clinical care.

Fullscript protocols include:

Benefits of using Fullscript protocols in practice

By using Fullscript’s protocols, practitioners can:

  • Save time on initial research
  • Recommend researched treatment plans with confidence
  • Share industry knowledge with colleagues
  • Provide guiding and educational information to patients
  • Empower staff members with research for better decision-making

Practitioner insight

“Protocols are a great starting point for patient care.” says Dr. Robert Silverman “The ability to utilize, personalize and individualize their implementation has enabled me to obtain better clinical outcomes.”

Fullscript protocols are easy to upload and use in your online dispensary.

Getting started with protocols on Fullscript

Accessing, uploading, and using Fullscript protocols is made to be easy and simple!

  1. Browse the protocol library
  2. Select your desired protocol
  3. Upload to your Fullscript dispensary
  4. Customize the protocol for optimal patient care
  5. Send recommendation to your patient

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