Healthcare practitioners are always looking for ways to help their patients. For convenience and accessibility, they look at health tech and online tools to improve patient care. They offer virtual appointments for patients who aren’t available for in-office visits or prefer online communications. They use EHR integrations to work more efficiently, storing patient data in one place to improve patient care. They also focus on making treatment plans affordable for patients without risking impact and quality of care.

Practitioners, more than ever, are shifting their care online. With the global health crisis, more patients and practitioners are taking their conversations and treatment plans to online platforms. A recent Deloitte survey reported that virtual visits increased from 14% in 2018 to 19% in 2020. As well, virtual coaching and care management increased from 11% in 2018 to 21% in early 2020. (1)

In addition to shifting towards online care, diversifying services has been critical to success for many integrative practitioners. With this rise in virtual care, the need for additional services, and a more pronounced focus on preventative care, practitioners are balancing a lot more. Fullscript has been a vital tool for easy, affordable, and quality supplement dispensing — as well as adherence and patient engagement tools — offering more features to practitioners than any other dispensing platform.

In this article, we explore the barriers of discounting products, the benefits of running promotions on Fullscript, and discuss the successes that practitioners have experienced. In a healthcare world that is shifting more and more towards digitalization, practitioners have to find ways to help their patients be as healthy as they can—online.

Barriers to discounting supplements

Setting up and running supplement promotions can be a hassle for practitioners who use tools and software that do not support or automate discounts. Some barriers may include turning on promotions to the entire account and all patients, the ability to change the discount percentage to fit the practitioner’s needs, and sometimes even letting patients know about the promotions, via marketing and communications tactics.

“Before Fullscript, anytime we wanted to run a promotion we had to go in and apply discounts to every patient manually, and that was a lot of work! That’s all gone with Fullscript because everything is automated. It’s so much easier.” –Geri Brewster RD, MPH, CDN

The manual setup of promotions and the time-consuming aspect of running them can turn any busy practitioner away. When the tools and software a practitioner is using aren’t helping them with overall efficiency, why would they implement them?

Thankfully, Fullscript has identified the pain points that practitioners face, and has made it easy to run a supplement promotion for patients!

“Any way you can limit the barriers to success is a win. For example, limiting the need for the patient to have to log back in, or remembering which password they selected, and then having to search for specific emails are small barriers we don’t notice a patient might experience. Fullscript, and its whole platform, is what breaks those barriers. It’s just so easy to dispense supplements, set up refill reminders, and run promotions! Value add for your patients and your clinic by limiting the leg work you have to do or your team has to do in the process as well.” –Dr. Melissa Gallagher ND, CLT

Benefits of running patient promotions on Fullscript

The Fullscript platform has been optimized for busy practitioners. The philosophy behind the software is adapted from practitioners’ needs and pain points, so Fullscript can become a solution-oriented tool rather than a hassle.

“Fullscript makes it so easy to run a promotion! It’s also very easy to turn the promotion on and off.” –Geri Brewster RD, MPH, CDN

When a practitioner sets up their Fullscript supplement dispensary, they can choose between a no-margin account or a margin account. Margin accounts are a great option for practitioners to make passive income, rather than recommending health stores or online supplement stores to patients. Everything is seamless and even annual sales taxes are generated by the Fullscript team.

Easy opt-in for practitioners

Opting in to an existing promotion on Fullscript can be done in four simple steps. Once a practitioner has all of their patients on Fullscript, they log in, navigate to ‘Dispensary settings’, view ‘Patient promotions’, and opt in. Practitioners have total control of the promotional discount they’d like to apply to their dispensary.

Running a practice takes a lot of work. Fullscript promotions have shown to increase payouts, total ordering patients, new ordering patients, and keeps new patients ordering.

“The opt in process was super easy, and I really liked that an email was sent to me detailing the sale. There was full transparency, and that’s always appreciated. I opted in without hesitation, and I knew what I was opting in for.” –Dr. Melissa Gallagher ND, CLT

No extra work for practitioners

Completing the opt in process is all practitioners need to do to reap the benefits! Fullscript takes care of everything else, including shipping, marketing, enabling and disabling the promotion, and much more. Take a look at the comparison!

What Fullscript does

  • Notifies patients via emails
  • Sets up and activates the sale on the platform
  • Implements marketing strategies for promotion awareness
  • Disables the sale when it’s over
  • Supports patient questions
  • Follows up with promotion results
  • Ships all products

What practitioners do

  • Opt in
  • Ensure all patients are on Fullscript

The typical timeline of promotions includes many promotional assets that both practitioners and their patients see. These are all managed and run by the Fullscript team, so there is no extra burden on the practitioner or their support staff.

This is what the typical timeline looks like:

timeline of all promotional assets from Fullscript to practitioners

The Fullscript team takes care of everything from pre-sale marketing toolkits to practitioners to reminder emails on the sale’s last day.

Control over discounts

Practitioners have full control of their discount and can apply it to their entire dispensary. Once everything is set up, Fullscript sends an email to all patients on behalf of the practitioners on the day of the sale. If practitioners would like to publicly share the sale on their website or social media channels, they can!

Did you know?
The best results are seen when a practitioner offers a 15% to 25% discount to their patients.

Proven results

In Geri Brewster RD, MPH, CDN’s case, she saw an increase in her dispensary’s activity while participating in the annual Cyber Monday sale. The Fullscript team worked with supplement brands to coordinate the sale and gave the option to all practitioners to opt in. In the 2019 Cyber Monday sale, Geri was able to provide a discount to her clients and saw an increase of almost 10% for her overall dispensary activity. She also saw a jump in her MSRP and a 115% increase in orders from her existing clients.

Dr. Gallagher’s participation in the 2020 summer patient promotion gave her the experience and confidence to recommend Fullscript promotions to all of her colleagues. Dr. Gallagher’s Fullscript dispensary saw an increase of 1462.33% in MSRP and 813.33% growth in orders in just one week.

Here are some other stats that show real practitioners’ experiences after opting in to patient promotions on Fullscript:

Practitioners achieve massive growth in payouts, overall revenue, and order numbers.
Practitioners achieve massive growth in payouts, overall revenue, and order numbers.

“I would say to any practitioner to opt in to all of the promotions run by Fullscript. At first, I was concerned that my sales would dip in the months following the sale, but they didn’t. In fact, my patients get reminded that they have an account with my dispensary and start ordering again. With each promotion that I have opted in to, my sales have not only been boosted from the sale but my average sales trends upwards. It’s a win!” – Dr. Gail Clayton, DCN, CNS, MS, RPh

Quality assurance for practitioners

For practitioners, recommending quality products is extremely important. Knowing the ingredients, the formulations, any excipients, and also understanding the manufacturing processes of brands is an important part of the recommendation process.

“Patients will shop high-quality common supplements beyond the recommendations I provide. It’s easy for them to navigate and self-serve on the Fullscript catalog for themselves, their families, and even their pets. They get an elevated level of service with shipping that is consistent and an added discount.” –Dr. Melissa Gallagher, ND, CLT

For practitioners who are busy seeing patients on a daily basis, researching the quality regulations of each brand they’re recommending would be a daunting task. With Fullscript’s quality program, practitioners can trust the catalog of products, and even on sale, product quality isn’t compromised.

Affordability for patients

For patients, ordering supplements is often a cost not fully covered by an insurance provider. Even though the importance of maintaining good health with the help of supplements is important and understood, some patients simply can’t afford the added financial burden.

By being able to provide affordable prices, practitioners can assure that patients don’t have to choose between their preventative health plan and other expenses. Sometimes even the slightest reduction can help!

“With affordable prices through discounts, I can help my clients avoid purchasing from random or popular online sites and having to deal with potentially poor quality-controlled products.” –Geri Brewster RD, MPH, CDN

Along with affordability, promotions on Fullscript are fully supported. The Fullscript catalog has practitioner-grade supplements to give both the practitioner and their patient peace of mind. The Fullscript customer support team is also a resource for practitioners and patients if issues arise with supplement products. There is no hassle in sending supplements back if there is ever a need.

Convenience for patients

Practitioners don’t have to worry about running a promotion and getting too many products delivered to their office, which might not have enough space to store products. The convenience of patient delivery is ensured with Fullscript. This also makes it easier for the patient to receive what they need and start their treatment/wellness plan right away, without having to pick up supplements from another location. The Fullscript doorstep delivery is an enjoyable experience for both patients and practitioners.

person ordering online with credit card in hand

Running promotions on Fullscript, helps patients stay well!

Optimized patient care for practitioners

Finally, an important benefit recognized by our practitioners is the ease of running a promotion using Fullscript while maintaining everything else going on in their practice and keeping patient care top-of-mind. Because the Fullscript platform is automated, once the initial set-up is complete, nothing else needs to be done by the practitioner. They get to focus on letting their patients know about the sale and continuing to provide care to their patients.

“Periodic promotions and sales keep compliance levels high and remind those who may be slipping to get back on the protocol. It also helped us meet revenue goals as well.” – Dr. Melissa Gallagher, ND, CLT

There is no disruption in the workflow for the practitioner and if the promotion is successful, the payout is automatic and instant.

6 tips for optimizing your supplement promotion

To make the most out of a supplement promotion on Fullscript, here are some of our top tips for practitioners to ensure their promotions are a success!

1. Switch to a full product catalog

Catalog permissions are set at the dispensary level and dictate what level of access patients have to your Fullscript catalog. Switching to a full product catalog gives your patients access to the entire Fullscript catalog and more browsing options during a sale.

Learn more about changing your catalog permissions.

2. Update your patient list

The more patients uploaded to your Fullscript store means more patients that will have access to your sale. Make sure to update your patient list regularly — especially before a patient promo!

Follow these simple steps to upload new patients and keep your list up-to-date.

3. Verify your discount

When you opt in to a patient promo, you can choose what discount your patients will have during the sale. Make sure your discount aligns with your practice and your goals by verifying your discount in dispensary settings.

Note: The discount you set will apply on top of any current store discount. As an example, if you currently have a global discount of 15% and you opt in to the promotion with a 10% discount, the total discount for this patient promo will be 25%.

4. Opt in to all future patient promos

To make sure you never miss a patient promotion on Fullscript, we recommend “globally opting in” which will automatically opt in your store to all future supplement promotions. Globally opting in is simple and can be activated in your dispensary settings.

5. Write promo-specific protocols

Writing and recommending promo-specific and seasonal shareable protocols is a great way to provide guidance for patients on what supplements and products they should consider during a patient promotion.

6. Promote the sale to your patients

While we take care of things like shipping, general marketing, enabling and disabling the promotion, we still recommend using our toolkit of marketing resources to spread the word to your patients.

Download the marketing toolkit

Running a promotion on Fullscript, whether it’s an independent promotion by the practitioner, like a Mother’s Day sale, or a Fullscript-led promotion, like Cyber Monday, is easy, supported, and convenient. Supplement quality is never compromised, patients can enjoy affordable products delivered right to their door, and practitioners can avoid any hassle promotions may cause. This gives back crucial time to the practitioner so they can spend it helping their patients get better.

“My advice to other practitioners would be not to overthink a promo. Just do it! You can get substantial data on what was and wasn’t successful and then improve for the next promotion. It’s so worth it. I promise you’ll have wished you had run a promotion on Fullscript earlier.” –Dr. Melissa Gallagher, ND, CLT

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