The next supplement sale is fast approaching! If you’ve participated in past patient promos, you know they’re a great way to boost adherence, increase revenue, and provide your patients with savings on their favorite supplements.

Running a practice takes a lot of work. Fullscript promotions have shown to increase payouts, total ordering patients, new ordering patients, and keeps new patients ordering.

6 tips for optimizing your supplement promotion

We want both you and your patients to get the most out of the upcoming sale. Here are our top tips to ensure your next patient promo is a success!

1. Switch to a Full product catalog

By choosing a Full product catalog, your patients will have access to the entire Fullscript catalog. Here are the four different catalog settings you can choose from:

  • Full product catalog: Your patients can browse and shop the entire Fullscript catalog, including your favorites. Products that require a prescription will not be available for patients to shop.
  • Private catalog: Your patients can view everything with the exception of your “favorites.”
  • Closed catalog: Your patients can only see the products you’ve recommended or shared with them in a protocol.
  • Restricted catalog: Your patients can only see the recommended items and products in protocols that you’ve shared with them, as well as your favorites.

When you choose the Full product catalog option, you’re empowering your patients to take control of their health and wellness routines. They’ll have affordable access to more products from Fullscript, such as vitamins, sports supplements, personal care products, and even healthy snacks!

“Patients will shop high-quality common supplements beyond the recommendations I provide. It’s easy for them to navigate and self-serve on the Fullscript catalog for themselves, their families, and even their pets.” – Dr. Melissa Gallagher, ND, CLT

As you know, all products offered through Fullscript are practitioner-grade quality and you can always keep track of what your patients are ordering within the platform to give you peace of mind.

To switch to a Full product catalog:

  • Select your avatar to open the Practitioner menu and select Dispensary settings.
  • Click the Permissions button.
  • Choose your preferred catalog setting.
  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the webpage.

Your catalog permissions can be changed at any time, and will take effect immediately. For more information about updating your catalog settings, click here.

2. Update your patient list

Make sure to update your patient list regularly — especially before a patient promotion! We make it easy by allowing you to import your patients in bulk. This way, you save time by adding your entire patient list all at once!

With new patients regularly joining your practice, it’s important to keep your list up to date. If someone hasn’t been added, or if they haven’t created their account, then they won’t be able to shop the sale! Add your patients, and encourage existing ones to complete their account.

To update your patient list:

  • We recommend downloading the Fullscript template, which includes the necessary headings and examples of formatting to make your life easier.
  • Then, simply follow the steps listed in this article.


Person browsing the Fullscript catalog on laptop
Increase the number of first orders from new patients with a patient promo.


3. Verify your discount

When you opt in to a patient promo, you have full control over what your discount will be. Head to your Fullscript dispensary settings and go to the Patient promotions tab to verify your discount, and ensure it’s in line with your practice and your goals.

Keep in mind, when you’re setting the discount for the upcoming sale, it will apply on top of any current store discounts. As an example, if you currently have a global discount of 15% and you opt in to the promotion with a 10% discount, the total discount for this patient promo will be 25%. It also stacks on top of any additional discount you give to specific patients.

4. Opt in to all future patient promos

Globally opt in to all future patient promos. This way, you and your patients will never miss out on a sale! Fullscript makes a global opt-in simple, so you can continue to boost adherence and increase revenue with ease.

To opt in to all patient promos:

  • Go to Dispensary settings.
  • Select Patient promotions.
  • Set your discount and select Opt me in to all promotions.

Did you know? Practitioners who participate in patient promos increase their number of ordering patients by an average of 252%*.

*Stat reflects historical data from all patient promotions for practitioners in the U.S.

5. Write promo-specific protocols

Shareable protocols help practitioners like yourself connect with more patients virtually. With the ability to offer group visits, share expertise with your colleagues, and empower your patients to take control of their wellness with self-serve capabilities, shareable protocols can offer significant value to your practice.

Learn more about the benefits of shareable protocols.

Did you know that these shareable protocols can also benefit you during your next patient promo? By creating new, promo-specific protocols and sharing them with all patients, you can provide them with seasonal, relevant recommendations, such as sun care products, seasonal allergy remedies, and sports supplements for summer.

6. Promote the sale to your patients

In order for your patients to take advantage of the sale, they need to know that it’s happening! While we take care of general sale promotion and product shipments, we still recommend using the resources that Fullscript provides to help promote your dispensary’s sale further.

Once opted in, you’ll receive:

  • Fullscript’s marketing timeline.
  • Ready-made promotional messaging for social media.
  • Ready-made email templates.
Download the marketing toolkit

The bottom line

Fullscript makes it easy for practitioners to run a patient promo. Offer your patients savings on their health and wellness routines and make the most of the upcoming patient promo by following the tips in this article!

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