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Smart Supplement Dispensary vs Online Store: 5 Essential Differences

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Smart Supplement Dispensary vs Online Store: 5 Esse...

There are many options to consider when you’re looking for vitamins and supplements online to prescribe to patients. Comparing online stores with technology solutions can be overwhelming when looking for the best places to buy supplements online. With online storefronts and online supplement stores being widely available, as well as smart technologies that go beyond the simple transaction process, as a practitioner, you have big decisions to make.

When it comes to simplifying this decision, Fullscript takes the pain points of online supplement purchasing into consideration before, during, and after the transaction. How can you track recommendations and really optimize the care for your patients?

There are a few significant differences between ordering supplements through an online supplement store and through Fullscript. A crucial difference is that there are no costs associated with creating and maintaining a Fullscript online supplement dispensary. It’s 100% free. Additionally, Fulscript’s comprehensive supplement catalog only carries quality pro-grade supplements, vetted, and curated for practitioners to ensure patient safety. Fullscript’s solution goes beyond just the sole focus of the transaction.

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Fullscript takes the pain points of online supplement purchasing into consideration before, during and after the transaction.

Top 5 reasons to go with Fullscript

Fullscript is a solution for practitioners to find, recommend, and track supplements in one place. Practitioners who have made the switch to go online, enjoy using Fullscript for the following reasons:

1. Personalized prescriptions

As a practitioner, through Fullscript you get a tool that allows personalized product prescriptions and treatment protocols to be sent to your patients. This process has been made to work online, via email or SMS, and is HIPAA compliant. Understanding that a piece of paper can be easily lost, we have made an effort to keep the most important data, the prescriptions, online. More than 80% of prescriptions viewed by the patient result in an order, meaning your patients are more compliant, and your practice is more successful.

2. Online convenience

A smart dispensary makes it easy for your patients to create an account, follow your treatment plan, and order the products you want them to order. You don’t run the risk of patients becoming frustrated while searching for products, purchasing the wrong or inferior products, or feeling overwhelmed with the 20,000 products they can choose from. As the practitioner, you also control the access a patient has to the catalog. Patient adherence is also improved due to the fact that the prescription is guided, even when the patient has left your office.

Online stores allow the convenience of online shopping but do not offer the practitioner control of the patient’s wellness past the point of the prescription.

3. Adaptive tool

Fullscript’s tool is smart and adaptive, backed by a development team. The prescription tool learns from you/your prescriptions and offers suggestions for relevant products based on each individualized treatment plan. This makes it much easier for you, the practitioner, to make proper prescriptions and find the products easily – spending more time caring for the patient but not searching through a comprehensive catalog.

Some online stores might offer recommendations for products but do not always have the capacity to learn and make it easier for practitioners to provide care.

4. Patient-oriented  

A solution that is totally patient-focused and personalized helps practitioners optimize their practice and the care they provide. The smart supplement dispensary allows practitioners to monitor patient adherence. You receive notifications about each patient and have direct access to their profile anytime from anywhere to monitor compliance and follow up with them, as needed.

Online supplement stores do not have complex features that give control to the practitioner to improve patient care.

5. Practitioner controlled

As the healthcare provider, you’re in control. The dispensary is yours, and the patients using it are yours, so you are aware of everything that is going on. Your profits, if choosing a margin account, are deposited directly, and you don’t have to worry about managing funds or losing payments in the mail. Most importantly, you never run the risk of your patients being offered or sold something that is not in their best interest. No counterfeit products are supported on Fullscript, and our processes follow manufacturer guidelines.

These specifications are not always highlighted and implemented in all online stores.

Overall, Fullscript’s online supplement dispensing solutions is focused on getting better outcomes for your patients, which in turn creates better outcomes for you. If you make it easy for your patient to see success early during their road to health, you will see repeat business, beyond just your dispensary. The Fullscript team has focused on the pain points, of growing a practice and recommending supplements, and the platform is built on solutions.

Fullscript simplifies supplement dispensing

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