5 differences between a Smart Dispensary and an online storefront

We are often asked:

What makes Fullscript’s Smart Dispensary better than other online dispensary options?

The short answer is:

We provide a Smart Dispensary. Those other online dispensaries are actually just glorified e-commerce stores that focus solely on a transaction.

Here are 5 key differentiators to help explain the difference:

  1. You get a tool to send virtual product prescriptions and treatment protocol to patients. More than 80% of prescriptions viewed by the patient result in an order, meaning your patients are more compliant and your dispensary is more successful.
  2. Convenience = Happy Patients. A Smart Dispensary makes it easy for your patients to create an account, follow your treatment plan and order products. You don’t run the risk of patients becoming frustrated while searching for products, purchasing the wrong products, or feeling overwhelmed with the 20,000 products they can choose from.
  3. The prescription tool is smart and adaptive. The prescription tool learns from you and your patients and suggests relevant products based on each individualized treatment plan. This makes it much easier for you to make proper prescriptions and even helps you find products or information you may not have heard of before.
  4. Monitoring compliance and real-time notifications. You receive notifications about each patient and have direct access to their profile anytime from anywhere to monitor compliance and follow up with them.
  5. You’re in control. The dispensary is yours and the patients using it are yours, so you are aware of everything that is going on. Your profits are deposited directly into your bank account and you don’t have to worry about managing funds or losing payments in the mail. Most importantly you never run the risk of your patients being offered or sold something that is not in their best interest.

Overall, Fullscript’s Smart Dispensary is focused on getting better outcomes for your patients, which in turn creates better outcomes for you. If you make it easy for your patient to see success early during their road to health, you will see repeat business, beyond just your dispensary.