Aging comes with various life changes. In particular, women around the age of 50 can expect to tackle new profound effects on comfort, quality of life, and certain health risks. Normal vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes, night sweats, and heart palpitations) may be the most obvious manifestations of this part of the lifecycle, but it’s important to screen for other manifestations like changes in memory and focus, skin, and mood.

Cardiovascular and bone support are also important considerations. This protocol addresses some of the most important areas of support, but not all patients will need every formula in this protocol (and others may need additional targeted support).

Best practice includes family/personal medical history, risk factor assessment, and initial/follow-up measurement of biological markers through blood, saliva, or urine to enable tailored recommendations for a more individualized approach.


Vasomotor Support

BioFem Transition

Take 1 capsule daily for the duration of needed support

Black cohosh, dong quai, hops, ginkgo, diosgenin, and a 1:1 ratio of DHEA and pregnenolone for balancing support during menopause.

BioFem Transition monograph

Resveratrol Plus Flavonoids

Take 3 capsules daily (may be divided) between meals for the duration of needed support

Trans-resveratrol, hawthorne, bilberry, hesperidin, EGCG and Pycnogenol® for comprehensive antioxidant support.

Resveratrol Plus Flavonoids monograph

BioPotent C

Take 3 capsules daily (may be divided) for the duration of needed support

5-blend buffered vitamin C plus hesperidin and niacin to provide support with minimal digestive upset.

BioPotent C monograph

Cardiovascular & Bone Support

Vitamin D3/K2 Emulsion

Take 5 drops once daily for the duration of needed support

Biologically active cholecalciferol and menatetrenone in organic olive oil emulsion for optimal absorption.

Vitamin D3/K2 Emulsion monograph

Ultra CoQ10

Take 1 capsule up to twice daily for the duration of needed support

100 mg per capsule sunflower lecithin-stabilized coenzyme Q10 plus BioPerine® for greater absorption.

Ultra CoQ10 monograph

Mood & Cognition Support


Take 2 capsules daily for the duration of needed support

St. John’s wort, GABA, 5-HTP, lithium and activated B vitamins to support positive outlook and sense of calm.

Eskaloft monograph


Take 2 capsules up to three times daily for the duration of needed support

L-acetyl L-carnitine, nattokinase, phosphatidylserine, R-ALA, and huperzine A to support neuronal health and cognitive function.

CogniFactors monograph

Midlife Balancing Skin Support


Apply a dime-sized amount (approximately 1.2 g) to face and neck once daily. Each application provides approximately 3.6 mg USP estriol. Apply daily for the duration of needed support

Plant-based estriol plus moisturizers that may improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the overall look of the skin.

Rejuvenate monograph


The Fullscript Integrative Medical Advisory team has developed or collected these protocols from practitioners and supplier partners to help health care practitioners make decisions when building treatment plans. By adding this protocol to your Fullscript template library, you understand and accept that the recommendations in the protocol are for initial guidance and may not be appropriate for every patient.

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