Turning Supplement Sales into Student Loan Forgiveness

Healthcare practitioners can start a nonprofit to expand access to care and qualify for the fastest tax-free form of student loan forgiveness. Nutrition and supplements are an important part of the healing process for many people and are rarely covered by insurance. Practitioners who use Fullscript to sell supplements can utilize that source of income along with a lower fee for healthcare services in their nonprofit so there’s no need for fundraising.

The Cyclical Effect of Stress, Sleep and Immune Regulation: How to make it work for you – not against you!

Recognizing stress as an important factor for restful sleep is one thing, but managing stress, sleep, immune function, and the complex interplay between the three, requires a far deeper understanding of the specific individual factors that influence and control our biology and behavior. In this lecture, Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed will provide clinical pearls gathered over an extensive career helping patients navigate the complex cyclical effects of sleep, stress, and immune balance. She will review the genes involved in these pathways, demonstrate how to support the central nervous system, balance immune activity, and promote healthy sleeping patterns using diet, lifestyle, and targeted supplements.