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spotlight: personalize recommendations using file attachments blog post
Spotlight: Personalize Recommendations using File Attachments
Attaching files to recommendations is fast and easy. Package all of the information you wish to share with your patients within one communication.
optimantra ehr integrates with fullscript  blog post
OptiMantra EHR Integrates With Fullscript
The fully HIPAA compliant partnership between Fullscript and OptiMantra, allows practitioners to optimize their practice and overall patient care.
charm ehr integrates with fullscript blog post
ChARM EHR Integrates With Fullscript
Practitioners can add a Fullscript clinic key to their favorite EHR and dispense supplements from the Fullscript catalog without leaving the EHR.
spotlight: adjust default dosage & instructions on products blog post
Spotlight: Adjust Default Dosage & Instructions On Products
Creating recommendations that work with your preferences has never been easier. We’ve removed the guesswork & stress of remembering the way you operate.
spotlight: advanced search & responsive design blog post
Spotlight: Advanced Search & Responsive Design
Take a look at the adjustments we made to our catalog and the patient journey, to help your patients achieve their wellness goals.
apple pay: simplified checkout blog post
Apple Pay: Simplified Checkout
Apple Pay has been added to your dispensary’s checkout! It’s easier and faster than ever for your patients to order the supplements they need.