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optimize product choices in a snap with smart product comparisons blog post
Optimize Product Choices in a Snap With Smart Product Comparisons
Write plans in less time by choosing products with the right ingredient amounts, while also factoring in patient preferences that can help drive adherence.
write optimal plans faster in your newly streamlined workspace blog post
Write Optimal Plans Faster in Your Newly Streamlined Workspace
Introducing a new Fullscript workspace that’s simplified on the surface, but more clinically sophisticated behind the scenes.
get more patient context in less time blog post
Get More Patient Context in Less Time
The ‘current supplements’ feature makes it easier to tailor your plans based on what a patient is currently taking to increase plan adherence.
a brand new patient theme on fullscript blog post
A Brand New Patient Theme on Fullscript
We’ve revamped the Fullscript patient platform theme to make ordering and managing supplement plans easier and more visually appealing.