Catalog Updates (CAN) -  April 2020

We’re excited to share the new products that we’ve added to the Fullscript catalog, all of which was made possible by your support and feedback!

New Products

AOR Niacin No-Flush
AOR PS-100
AOR Advanced Bone Protection
AOR Vitamin D3 Liquid (Adult)
Botanica Valerian Root Liquid Capsules – Sleep aid
Botanica Super Echinacea Liquid Herb (50mL)
CanPrev Prenatal Multi (Women)
Cyto-Matrix Estro Matrix
Metagenics EstroFactors™ Capsules – NEW & IMPROVED
Nature’s Way Oregano Oil Capsules
Nature’s Way Astragalus Root
NOW Magnesium Oxide Powder
Nutritional Fundamentals for Health (NFH) Bifido SAP (90 capsules)
Nutritional Fundamentals for Health (NFH) Curcumin H2O SAP (90 capsules)
Nutritional Fundamentals for Health (NFH) Gluco SAP (60 capsules)
Nutritional Fundamentals for Health (NFH) HCl-Pepsin SAP (225 capsules)
Nutritional Fundamentals for Health (NFH) K2-D3 SAP (15mL)
Organika Bee Propolis Capsules (Brazilian Green Bee Propolis) (180 capsules)
Organika Bee Propolis Liquid (Alcohol Base) (30mL)
Organika Bee Propolis Throat Spray Alcohol Free (30mL)
Organika Black Cumin Seed Oil (60 gels)
Organika Colostrum (Bovine) (90 capsules)
Organika Mushroom Extract – Cordyceps (90 capsules)
Organika Pycnogenol 25mg Tablets (60 tablets)
Organika Pycnogenol 50mg – Capsules (100 capsules)
Organika Pycnogenol 50mg Tablets (100 tablets)
Organika Reishi (Mushroom Extract) (90 capsules)
Vitazan Professional Mushroom Complex (90 capsules)
Vitazan Professional Cold & Flu (30 capsules)
Vitazan Professional Heme Iron (90 capsules)
Vitazan Professional N.A.C. N-Acetylcysteine 500 mg (90 capsules)
Vitazan Professional Lavender Oil Softgels (60 gels)
Vitazan Professional Quercetin 98% (500 mg) (90 capsules)
Vitazan Professional Quercetin Bioflavonoid Complex (90 capsules)
Vitazan Professional Recovery Probiotic 120 (30 capsules)
Vitazan Professional Reishi (Medicinal Mushroom) (60 capsules)
Vitazan Professional Vitamin C Advanced Ascorbate (90 capsules)