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Dr. Kara Fitzgerald
Naturopathic Doctor

"Our mission and vision are very aligned with Fullscript’s – enabling clinicians to practice the best medicine possible."

Dr. Frank Bodnar headshot
Dr. Frank Bodnar

"My patients really enjoy learning more about supplements and their benefits. The more they understand, the more interested they are in seeing the results of their wellness plans."

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Dr. Meghan Walker
Naturopathic Doctor

"I use Fullscript because I am always looking for the most impactful tools to support my patients."

Ashley Koff
Registered Dietitian

"Fullscript makes it easy for me and my patients to collaborate in making their better nutrition choices more often."

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In June of 2018, Natural Partners merged with Fullscript. We're working together to push integrative medicine, support practitioners as healthcare evolves, and most importantly, help people get better.

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7 Best Foods For Heart Health

Adding in heart-healthy pantry staples like garlic, EVOO, and flaxseeds are simple ways to elevate cardiovascular health.

5 Reasons to Eat With the Seasons: the Benefits of Seasonal Produce

Eating seasonal produce is a great way to ensure more flavourful, nutrient-rich food while also lowering your carbon footprint.

The Science of Motivation: How to Get Motivated

Cultivating motivation can seem like an impossible feat, but you can accomplish anything you set your mind to with some strategic planning.

Exercise and Nutrition: What to Eat Pre- and Post-Workout

What and when you eat depends on numerous factors, including your fitness goals, type of activity, training plan, and the length of time you plan to exercise.

The 4Rs: How To Heal Your Gut Naturally

The 4Rs minimize factors that may lead to increased intestinal permeability and inflammation, as well as introduce factors that promote gut health and healing.

What You Need to Know About the New Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans is released in partnership by the USDA and the HHS providing nutritional information for all Americans.

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