Though technology has streamlined patient care, the number of digital tools used by the average practitioner can complicate the treatment process and leave both practitioners and patients feeling overwhelmed.

Today, supplement dispensing becomes the exception.

Fullscript is now the only supplement dispensing solution to offer both wholesale ordering and virtual direct-to-patient from a single browser tab. Whether you provide acute care in-office, send treatment plans virtually, or do both, you can now do it all on one platform. Plus, you’ll always get the same wholesale prices as buying direct from the manufacturer.

Note: Wholesale ordering on Fullscript is currently only available for practitioners in the U.S. Canadian practitioners: you’re up next! We’ll keep you posted.

A platform that understands practitioners

At Fullscript, empathy is our greatest source of innovation. By understanding the needs of practitioners, we’ve launched impactful features such as an industry-leading treatment plan tool, EHR integrations, and shareable wellness protocols.

With wholesale ordering now in the mix along with online treatment plans, practitioners can:

  • Shop from the same place they send virtual recommendations
  • Complement in-office dispensing with one-to-many care tools
  • Access an expanded catalog of products
  • Choose an optimal dispensing mix that suits how they want to practice
  • Offer more flexible care options to their patients
  • Reduce the inefficiencies of too many digital tools

Fullscript is completely free to use, and also offers adherence-boosting tools, automated marketing support, EHR integrations, and more. Practitioners get access to a dispensing mix that’s as diverse and personalized as the care they offer.

Wholesale dispensing on Fullscript

To understand how to get started with wholesale ordering, follow these steps, and get started in minutes.

Finding the wholesale catalog

Wholesale ordering is now found in the Fullscript catalog, which you can access from the main navigation in our platform.

Wholesale products will appear the same way in the catalog, but in addition to sending that product to a patient, you can now edit the quantity to purchase it for your office.

Once you’ve entered the catalog, search the thousands of products with filters like keyword, ingredient, supplement types, brand, dosage, allergens, and more to find exactly what you need.

Ordering wholesale products

After you’ve found what you’re looking for, choose the number of products you’d like to order and select ‘Add to cart.’ Repeat this process as needed.

Tip: If you’re looking to start a virtual recommendation from inside the catalog, no worries — you can still send an item to a patient by clicking on the three little dots in the top right-hand corner of the product card.

As with any new supplement wholesale purchase, you’ll be prompted to sign a Minimum Advertised Price policy (MAP) policy for some brands when you first place one of their products in your cart. The good news? Fullscript makes it faster and easier than ever before to agree to these terms!

Practitioners can go to one page to sign all MAP policies at once, and start ordering, in minutes!

You can now quickly sign all MAP policies prior to shopping — including batch signing options — by going to ‘Wholesale policies’ and clicking the MAP policies and repository tab. You can do this individually for each brand as you shop, but if you want to avoid interruptions, you can quickly sign them all ahead of time.

When you’re ready to make a purchase, select your cart in the top-right corner of the page and then click, ‘Go to checkout.’

Selecting ‘Go to checkout’ will bring you to the cart summary page. From here, you can continue to modify your cart and add promotional codes.

Once you’ve decided on your wholesale purchase, you can see all of the products on a summary page, before checking out.

Next is shipping. The first time you order, you may notice a message saying, ‘Our team will review this address.’ Not to worry. Any time an address is added to your Fullscript account, our compliance team needs to do an address verification. This is a one-time step, and once your address has been verified, you can use this address without interruptions.

With the shipping details set, continue to payment. Here you can verify that your shipping information is correct as well as billing address and payment method. After that, choose your delivery method and place your order.

Tracking your wholesale order

Woo! Your wholesale order is on the way. After placing your order, a modal window will give you the option to go back to your dashboard or view your order history. From the wholesale order history page, you can access your order information, track your shipment, and even place the same order again.

After placing your order, you have access to all of the information you need! View it all on the order history page.

Complement in-office dispensing with one-to-many care

The beauty of having access to wholesale and virtual in one place is flexibility. Even practitioners who dispense primarily in-office can enjoy Fullscript’s other features to help promote their practice, keep patients motivated, and let existing and brand-new patients self-serve 24/7.

With the release of shareable wellness protocols, all practitioners on Fullscript can offer one-to-many care and let anyone self-serve from their dispensary. Practitioners can share a general health protocol with all of their patients at once, and then share a link to that protocol on their website, in newsletters, through email, and in private social media groups. This drives patients to the protocol to purchase recommended products. It can also be used for patient acquisition, too! It’s proven to draw new patients into a practitioner’s online dispensary, where they can sign up as a new patient, order products, and be booked for one-on-one appointments!

Did you know?
One of our practitioners saw a 377% increase in MSRP and 100 new sign-ups after sharing their first wellness protocol in an email!

This opens the door to growing your patient list without ever sending a virtual treatment plan. It also gives patients 24/7 access to your store online, letting them self-serve when it’s convenient for them. This translates to healthier patients and healthier revenue.

Your dispensary, your way

Integrative healthcare professionals know the path to better health is with personalized treatment. We couldn’t agree more.

That’s why we want to give practitioners personalized treatment, too. By unifying wholesale ordering and virtual direct-to-patient on one platform, we’re helping practitioners customize their dispensing mix to give their practice — and workflow — more flexibility, and their patients better access to affordable, high-quality supplements.

“Being able to shop wholesale from the same place I do virtual dispensing makes my work life easier. I no longer have to go to multiple platforms or companies to get my clients what they need.” -Geri Brewster RD, MPH, CDN

Our team will continue to listen to and support healthcare professionals as they search for new ways to provide the best care possible. It’s your dispensary, and our mission is to help people get better. We can do that by making sure you have all the tools you need to get the highest-quality supplements into the hands of your patients while growing your practice.

For now, we hope you explore the benefits of the perfect dispensing mix on Fullscript through both virtual recommendations and wholesale ordering.

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