When a practitioner treats or sees multiple patients at once who face the same illness or have similar health goals, this is known as a group medical visit — or simply put — a group visit. In recent years, group visits in the health sector have grown in popularity for many reasons — beyond saving a busy practitioner time. Group consultations are part of a larger trending movement within modern healthcare, known as participatory care.

In this exclusive webinar, James Maskell will discuss participatory care, the value of group visits, and how you can easily begin to incorporate them into your practice. Stay until the end to learn about a new Fullscript release that will make it easier than ever to offer group visits to your patients.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why virtual group visits are of critical importance to the future of care
  • How to complete a checklist when planning your first virtual group visit
  • What content you need to run a virtual group visit
  • Structure examples, ideas, and tips from successful group programs
  • How to implement your group visit game plan within a month

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