The treatment plan tool from Fullscript has a range of highly requested features from practitioners, plus a few surprises!

Our whole mission is to help people get better. One of the key ways that we do that is by making it easier for integrative practitioners to give personalized, preventative care to their patients — from anywhere.

Our free virtual supplement dispensary is built on the practitioner’s ability to write and send effective treatment plans. This might include a personal message that details the wellness plan and any special instructions, resources to help educate and support the patient, and of course, the perfect products for that individual’s unique needs!

The treatment plan is one of the most important elements of a relationship between a practitioner and their patient, and can greatly influence health and wellness outcomes and patient adherence. This is why we’re constantly assessing this aspect of our technology — when it gets better, our practitioners can see improvements in their workflows and practice management.

The ultimate recommendation tool

When you log into Fullscript and want to send a recommendation to a patient you’ll have to click on either “New Prescription” or “New Recommendation” in the top right, which will bring you into the treatment plan tool.

Quick tip!
There’s a purple button in the treatment plan tool that says “See what’s new!” Click on this to find out how we have enhanced your virtual dispensary with new tools and features!

Once you’re in the treatment plan tool, you’ll notice a very smooth and intuitive experience for finding and adding a patient, writing a message, finding products, and attaching resources. Here’s a breakdown of what’s changed for the better, and what’s brand-new!

Note: Any upgrades to the treatment plan tool will not change the patient experience in Fullscript. We improved the patient catalog, making it mobile-friendly, and simplifying the way they find the products you’ve made available to them.

Improved filtering system

You’ll never need to search for supplements anywhere else. Fullscript has the best product search available of any virtual supplement dispensaries. With the industry’s most comprehensive product catalog of more than 300 brands, we knew we had some work to do on the search experience.

The process of browsing the tens of thousands of products, while making the filtering more sophisticated so practitioners can intuitively add multiple filters to whittle down to the exact products they need, is simplified.


ingredient, brand and supplement types filtering
You can now search supplements by ingredient, supplement type, product, or brand name.


The new search allows you to filter by:

  • Ingredients you want the product to contain – including multi-select for ingredients
  • Ingredient doses
  • Product name
  • Brand name, or multiple brands at once
  • Supplement type

This new filtering system makes it easy to browse and see what’s out there or find a very specific item that meets a patient’s unique needs, including allergens. Exploring new products is easier than ever before.


Fullscript's filtering system on the catalog
You can now search supplements by ingredient, supplement type, product, or brand name.

We’ve also added a view of your frequently recommended products so you can quickly select items that you suggest often.

Finding the right products quickly to populate a treatment plan is fundamental to any practitioner’s workflow. Not only that, but patients expect it too! Inefficient technology shouldn’t be a barrier to wellness, which is why we’ve made big improvements to our search experience.

Here’s how our search is more accurate, user-friendly, and efficient than ever:

  • Type “tumeric,” still get “turmeric.” With corrective search, you can misspell a word and still get relevant results. Don’t let spelling slow you down.
  • Write less, still get great results. With predictive search, you can type part of a brand, product, or ingredient and still get a full list of relevant results.
  • Browse better than ever. Our search now scans descriptions, making it easier to yield relevant results when you’re browsing, or don’t know the name of the product.


No more interruption to your workflow with these much-needed improvements to search!


Enhanced speed for faster product results

You can now write a treatment plan from start to finish in less than a minute on Fullscript. We know how crucial time is for all practitioners — an extra hour saved is time that you could be spending with a patient, taking care of running your practice or brushing up on emerging research in your field. This is why we felt it was important to make the ‘recommending’ experience via the treatment plan tool way faster, in both the navigation and load time, without compromising individualized care. Finding and selecting a patient is now much faster, and we’ve pre-loaded two greeting messages that are personalized with the patient’s name. Select one as a starting point, and add to or customize it as you like.

The new treatment plan tool is the fastest in the industry, so you don’t have to compromise on being productive and writing really personalized recommendations.

Try writing a treatment plan — you’ll notice there are fewer clicks and steps to accomplish the same task, and the load time is wildly fast. As well, creating and saving a template is more streamlined — you no longer need to have a patient added in order to start.

Did you know?
On average, using one of the Fullscript-provided messages saves two minutes per treatment plan. That quickly adds up in a week, resulting in time you can spend with a patient, attending a webinar, or doing a little self-care of your own.

Help patients, from your smart device

You can now write a treatment plan from anywhere, without compromising on the experience. The treatment plan tool can be used on any device. We know that now, more than ever, practitioners need to be able to care for and stay connected to their patients remotely. Fullscript is an indispensable part of an integrative practitioner’s virtual practice, so the recommendation process is now designed to adapt to any device. Plus, we recently upgraded the patient experience, so it’s also fully optimized for all devices, including mobile and tablets!

Strengthen the practitioner-patient connection

We have a number of initiatives that help practitioners with patient relationship management and adherence. You can find all of these tools in the treatment plan! Before sending your recommendation to a patient, you can now:

  • Attach educational content from the Fullscript library. Within your recommendation, you can attach one of your own resources, or browse and select one of the Fullscript-provided patient handouts on diet and nutrition. These evidence-based resources are curated by our Integrative Medical Advisory Team.
  • Add emojis to your messages. These little visual cues can help you connect with patients on a more personable and human level. Emojis can boost engagement and make a message more memorable.
  • Check to see what your patients see. Instead of hitting ‘send prescription’ you can click the arrow next to it, bringing up a menu of additional options. One of them is a “Patient preview” feature that lets you see the entire Fullscript experience — including how your treatment plan looks — from your patient’s eyes! This will give you insights into how they’re receiving your care and can help you finesse your approach and make any adjustments that you think will help with patient relationship management and adherence.

Did you know?
According to an Adobe study, 74% of people find that emojis make positive news or feedback feel more sincere.

Have patients ever told you that finding products in your restricted catalog feels… well… restricted? Practitioners asked — we listened. All restricted catalogs now feature our new search experience, making it easy for your patients to find the products you’ve favorited. Control what your patients can order with the same ease of use found in other catalog types.

Let your patients know about the upgrade next time you write a treatment plan!


Patients can now search through your favorite products!


A way forward for practitioners

We continue to upgrade what is perhaps the most important aspect of our platform. Your feedback plays an instrumental role in shaping this new experience to help search for products and send recommendations.

As a tech company, our developers are always looking at emerging best practices for user experience, but we also lean heavily on the other experts, like you! We’ve always collaborated relentlessly with our practitioners, gathering their feedback and incorporating it into our product.

Its new speed and cutting-edge search have turned it into a game-changer for integrative practitioners who want to dispense supplements online. Whether you’re a longtime Fullscript user, an occasional recommender, or are just learning about the benefits of virtual dispensing, we encourage you to log in and see what the buzz is all about. Keep an eye out for the “See what’s new” button to get a recap of the upgrades.

Fullscript simplifies supplement dispensing

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