Fullscript Made Easier: Your Dispensary Has Been Upgraded

Your patient facing dispensary has been completely reimagined. Patients will be treated to a dispensary that looks great on all their devices and has new convenient payments options. This new intuitive layout, which provides better visibility into ‘Autoship’ as well as recommendations and orders, has been shown to provide a boost to adherence.

Patient adherence, simplified!

Convenient digital wallet payments

Your patients no longer need to add their payment information when checking out with Apple and Google devices or browsers. It’s easier and faster than ever for your patients to order the supplements they need.

Intuitive layout

This new layout makes it simple for patients to view product information, place an order, and track orders on all of their devices!

patient experience on Fullscript

The new layout allows patients to see more!

‘Autoship’ view

Patients can now adjust frequency options for all of their automated refill orders.

Continually improving

We care deeply about helping you grow your practice and improve patient adherence. We’ll be releasing more improvements over the next months to give you and your patients the best experience possible.

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