Change happens. In the integrative healthcare industry, new research is always surfacing in order to help healthcare practitioners provide the best patient care. These updates can affect products practitioners are recommending. New regulations can impact brands and products, resulting in discontinuations or backorders.

Updating treatment plans containing outdated information is an extremely time-sensitive task when patient care and adherence are top priorities.

Practitioners’ product preferences can also change, depending on a variety of factors. You might want the option to easily swap one product to another.

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Fullscript is the only online dispensary that offers product swapping features for practitioners.

Why is the product swapping feature important?

Your responsibility to your patient doesn’t end when they leave your clinic; they rely on you to help them stay adherent and foster the best possible outcomes. In the following situations, a product swap is the best way to support your patients on their path to wellness:

  • New or outdated research
  • Supplement industry changes
  • Product is back ordered
  • Product is discontinued
  • Product is reformulated
  • Practitioner preferences change

Using the product swapping tool helps you avoid disruptions to patient care. Benefits of using the tool include:

  • Save time on editing prescriptions – swap a product for all affected recommendations and patients at once without missing anything due to manual error.
  • Communicate with your patients – by opting into an email communication upon swapping, you let your patients know about the change.

We highly recommend that practitioners send an email to all impacted patients.

  • Optimize adherence – there are no disruptions to your dispensary. If a product becomes discontinued or is on backorder, an alternative can be made available to patients by their practitioner instantly.

Fullscript’s product swapping tool was designed to give practitioners the autonomy to replace products across multiple impacted treatment plans. Your Fullscript dispensary dashboard will flag affected or at risk products and suggest alternatives. You can then swap products across multiple recommendations with one click.

Get started with the feature: 3 easy steps

Follow these three simple steps to ensure a product swap is successful within your Fullscript dispensary.

1. Get notified

We’ll notify you in your Fullscript dashboard if a product swap is needed. When you log in, you’ll see a banner with an alert. Click on the alert to access the product swapping feature. We’ll show you a list of all the patients affected.

2. Choose an alternative

Next, select a replacement product from our curated and vetted list of alternatives, or find a different product in our catalog through a quick search. Recommended substitute products are called similar products, on our platform.

Within the Fullscript catalog, the similar products tab lists all products that have been marked as similar by our in-house medical team.

3. Replace new product

Once the ‘old’ and ‘new’ products have been selected, click the button that says “Swap these products” and the change will be implemented automatically across all affected recommendations.

TIP: Activate the checkbox that says “Send an email notification to the patients impacted by this swap” to avoid confusion.

Visual tutorial of the Fullscript Product Swapping feature.

How are similar products curated?

Our in-house Integrative Medical Advisory team curates similar products through reports, reviewed research, and knowledge from the integrative medicine industry. They consider similar ingredients, dosing, and quality standards.

Can I swap a product that is not flagged on my dashboard?

If your personal preferences change and you’d like to replace a product on all recommendations, you can open your dispensary, go into the catalog, search the desired product, click on it to open the product description, and select the ‘Related Patients’ tab to see all the patients who are currently using the product. On the same page, you have the option to swap the product for all treatment plans containing the product.

The bottom line

Fullscript’s product swapping feature helps practitioners maintain patient adherence even when changes or disruptions occur. Swapping products in your Fullscript dispensary is safe and effortless, so you can focus on patient care while we do the rest!

If you have any questions or feedback about this new feature, please contact us.

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