How to Build your Practice by Speaking Live on Stage | Fullscript Webinar

Nothing attracts high-quality patients to your practice more effectively than an engaging, thought-provoking live presentation – given by the best spokesperson for your practice – YOU!

Listen, as experts Mark J. Tager, MD and Robert Hughes host a lively and interactive session.

You will learn:
-Why your live talk can attract patients easier and faster than almost everything else you do
-What to include in your talk and how to structure it
-How to be ethical, professional, compelling and persuasive – without trying to “sell” anything
-How to turn your presentation anxiety into a source of genuine strength
-The best ways to convert attendees at your talk into new patients in your waiting room.

Dr. Mark Tager and Robert John Hughes are the co-founders of ChangeWell Training Academy. They have trained hundreds of clinicians to more effectively deliver impactful presentations. They have helped many of the leading healthcare keynote speakers elevate their podium skills – taking them from good to great.